Saturday, May 11, 2019

the first load of grain

At the time we started getting our bulk grain delivered it was coming from Canada. This was our first load to come. We get a load once a month at this time as I type this post.
We usually have a revolving driveway of trucks and people stopping in. Folks seem interested in what we were/are doing and how we were reviving this old farm back to a dairy. Like I said in an older post no cows had been here in 40 years. The previous owners had horses in the stable and hayed the fields.
So on to the grain coming in. All these firsts were exciting.

Good thing we have a loop of a driveway. Makes it a lot easier for these big trucks that come and go. 

It was kinda cool watching all this happen and how it goes from the grain truck to the grain bin. My husband has climbed to the top of the bin before, and I told him I was only too happy to let him do that! I would watch from the ground.

All the girls came up to see what was going on. I guess they could smell the grain and were wanting to get in on the action!!

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