Saturday, January 31, 2015

winter wonderland

SO I"d have to say that we have been hammered with some snow! January is going out like a lion and February is going to come in like a least for a day...

The blizzard we got the other day was cold, and windy. But I don't know of too many blizzards that are nice to be in. :) A regular Nor Easter we got! We were well prepared to loose power. We didn't. Hard to say how much snow we got. We live on a hill and open fields, so we got some snow drifts that are about 4-5 feet tall. No lie. Then bare ground. The wind was the worst part. Just bone chilling. The expression the air hurts my face, ya that was it. It was so cold it would freeze your nose hairs. If you know cold then you understand that expression. Ya that cold!!!! Burrrrr.

The day after the blizzard was just bitter cold. We had to get the snow drifts moved, and chores done. The sun decided to come out for a few minutes too. My husband was plowing the snow drifts and made some really awesome hills, so the kiddos and I went out to play what I call "queen of the hill." The queen still rules the mountain. That would be me. Mama D!!!! They love to challenge me, but I think they just love to be thrown off  the snow hills really. My youngest daughter says "I'm on your team Mommy." She doesn't wanna go down, but just to play I still give her a little push, and she'll squeal and roll down. My son really comes after me, but I get him down too. Not really sure how many more years I'll be the top dog on the hill of the game...
 Me with my girls. (My son took the pic.)

My boy.

So now today we are getting another bit of snow. It started yesterday mid morning and was just a nice light snow, all day, no wind. It wasn't horrible going to do chores. Then overnight the wind came back and the snow came's still snowing...and the weatherman is calling for more snow on Monday...Just enough time to dig out of one snow storm to head into yet another. I guess that is life when you live in a New England state in winter. Haven't had this much snow all at once in a few years though, so I guess we are due. Haha ha.

So we just hunker down and stay prepared for the winter weather that we get, and  keep the wood stove going!
Weather temps permitting we will be tapping trees soon, if we can trudge through all the snow that we now have! 
I look forward to warmer weather and burring my feet in the sand at the ocean, and getting my hands dirty in the garden dirt. 
Have a great weekend all!