Sunday, September 1, 2013

because you know you've always wanted to know

what approximately 100 pounds of peaches looks like before...

 and after...

We had some serious rain the other night. And it came down hard. The peaches that were ready to sell got hit, and the rain ruined some of the skin on them. They were no longer firsts. But canners! The guy that grows them called and told me this. I've gotten peaches off him before so he knows I like to can! He said he would sell them for $1 a pound to get rid of them. (That is a screaming good deal)!!  I said OK, how many pounds do you have? He said about 100. I'll take them all!! I know I'm slightly crazy. So Friday night into the wee hours of Saturday morning I peeled, cored, cut up, and canned 38 quarts of peaches!! So the rain was good and I was blessed by it!
Ahh they will taste so good this winter. My kiddos love peaches, and so do I!

Have a great day all!