Wednesday, July 13, 2016

this never gets old for me

It was hot today. 90 degrees or so. Low to little humidity, so it was really great. My husband was out baling round bales with the baler we bought this winter. So that was good too.
Later in the evening my husband was out and busy so I took the kiddos to go swimming to cool off in the lake nearby. When we got home the sun was starting to set in the west behind the mountains. The sky was lit up and the sun looked like a ball of fire sinking lower and lower lighting up the sky with brilliant colors.
So naturally I grabbed my camera and

started taking pictures.

and watching the sun dip lower
 causing me to take it in
and gather my thoughts of the day

until it was down, ending another day in spectacular fashion.

I never tire of the sun sets. I watch them often. My life seems to be busy and crazy and stressful at times. But watching the sun set calms me and settle my thoughts about the day. Whether it was good, bad, or otherwise.
I pray I always live where I can watch the sun set.