Friday, November 28, 2014

keepin it real

Some of the Thanksgiving mess I had on my table as I was getting ready to host Thanksgiving at my house this year. I shouldn't have cleaned some of it up prior to the pic... Just a small gathering of my side of the family (but snow came our way and they didn't come). Not to worry, my family was together and that is what matters. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday actually.
 So much has been going on with us. And I don't blog much anymore.
I was so busy this week. Crazy busy. A lot of time on the road. My son got his braces off Monday!!! YAYA!! (It's a 1.5 hour ride to the Orthodontist one way). Then Tuesday I had to go back to get his retainer and make sure it fit and all. I just gotta say his teeth look amazing! Worth everything!! He was excited because he could eat peanuts and pop corn! 2 years without it and he was hungry for both! He's such a great kiddos! So all day Wednesday I was cooking and cleaning. The kiddos helped out a lot too. They were great! And Thursday morning we were getting ready for our meal. My husband was outside cleaning up the mess from the snow we got Wednesday.
 We had a great Thanksgiving meal. I only had a few minor glitches in the food prep...but such is life. My turkey came out good. It was a fresh, locally raised one.(No we didn't raise it. But we will). I made a champagne infused turkey! I just love that recipe. I've made it several times and I've yet to be disappointed with the results. Just gotta add that we had local corn, and potatoes, homegrown carrots, and squash (that I forgot in the microwave) apple cider, and butter!! We had some other food, but not local stuff ;) Just gotta plug that local food thing, ya know!

I forgot the squash, one of my favorite things to eat. I knew something was missing, but couldn't put my finger on it..until we were picking things up and I found it in the microwave... ahhhhh. Our table with all my life gathered around it. Made my heart full!

My turkey. I always try my hand at decorating it a bit...whatcha think? I'm no Martha Stewart fer sure!! haha. If your wondering what is on it, it's onions, seasonings and some parsley.

Me and My Man dancing. :) :)

No I didn't go shopping on black Friday either. Nope. Nope.
Have a great day ya'll!!!