Monday, December 31, 2012

monday confessions

This is my last post...

for 2012 that is ahhahahaha! Sorry bad joke I know.

 And your thinking I'm gonna  reminisce about the past year. Nope not that either. I don't think I need to relive this past year. It was a bit of everything the good, the bad and the ugly. It's the life I've been blessed with and I'm thankful for that, and all the lessons I've learned...

So the big day is tomorrow. The new year!!! I'm so looking forward to it, for so many reasons.  I've got plans and goals, none of which I would consider a resolution. I don't make them. Nope.
I think I'll bring in the new year like I did last year...sleeping and drooling on my pillow...hahah hows that?! What about you any big plans?!
We got more snow this weekend. About another 6 or so inches. It came down nice and slow with no wind, oh it was beautiful. Then Sunday it was cold, and windy. Awful. And that makes chores and the clean up of it that much more fun, or not.
The kiddos have an after Christmas cold. No fun to have 4 kiddos that don't feel good in 4 different ways. Here's hoping the new year doesn't start off like that...
But on the flip side I got the house clean and caught up on! Except the laundry...that's never done, but that's ok, keeps me busy!
I'm hopeful about the new year and the plans we have for our farm. It's exciting to think about the possibilities! And the actual event of things working out it's looking good. We'll see how it all plays out over the course of 2013. I hope you'll continue to follow along with us!
I'll keep you up to date the best I can on our farming and life journey that I feel like sharing!
Blessings and stay safe this holiday!

Saturday, December 29, 2012


I have some exciting news!!!!

We had Dandie AI'd this am to a bull named Madden!! We'll see in 21 days if she settled...
Maggie is bred and is due to calve in May 2013!!!
We are very excited about the potential growth of our herd and raising our own cattle for the farm!!!!!
Have a great day all!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

snow clean up

We get cleaned up from one snow storm and now are getting ready for the smaller one we are getting this weekend. With this last one it's hard to tell how much we got. The wind was blowing around so much it's bare in some places, and over a foot deep in other places. Makes it a little harder to plow due to it being so hard packed in. Now this snow storm this weekend is a small one only 2-4 inches, so they say!
The kiddos are excited due to the fact that we now have some snow banks for them to play in. Now I can go throw them off the top and be queen of the hill again!! I think my boy might give me a run for my money though ;) Gonna have to work a little harder to get him down and keep him down. But it's fun. The girls just laugh and roll down the hill.
I've been busy getting the house cleaned up on our Christmas vacation. The kiddos are loving that, no school and I'm cleaning, they get to help too. Trying to play "catch up" on some house work.
Now with more snow coming I'm hoping it will be a little warmer and less windy to play outside. It's been in the low 20s with a wind that chills you to the bone cold.  Although late in the day it's less windy and the kiddos have been out to play in the snow.
The cows, chickens and sheep don't really seem to enjoy the snow. The horses don't seem to care. They kick up their heels and prance around in it, then stop to eat some hay and give each other a back scratch.
Well off to cook up some grub for my hungry family that will be stomping in here soon enough...
Have a great evening all!

Thursday, December 27, 2012


So here is my do it yourself post. I thought I'd throw one in once in a while. I'm the kinda gal who likes to do as much on my own as I can. I'm also all about being as natural as I can be when it comes to food and cleaning. But I do love my make up ;)

So on this snowy, blistery, winter day I thought I'd share a recipe that will warm you right up! Who doesn't like a nice hot cup of cocoa!!?? I found a recipe for homemade hot cocoa! How cool is that?! It's super easy to make and even better I can pronounce all the ingredients and I know what they are!! And you will too when I'm done!
So here it is

 So there it is. Powdered sugar, the sweetener, dry instant milk, and the bag in the back is cocoa powder.

Here is the end product. 8 oz of warm milk with 3T of the cocoa mixture. My baby made this cup and said it was really good!
SO here is the recipe

Hot Cocoa Mix
1 box of instant dry milk 25.6 oz box
3-31/2 C powdered sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)
2 C cocoa powder
Mix it all well with a whisk, store it in an air tight container for up to 6 months.
And like I said to make it 8 oz warm milk and 3T cocoa. Mmmmmmmmm it's so good, nice and chocolaty and just enough sweet. Three things, that's it!

And this in comparison to other hot cocoa mix ingredients sugar, corn syrup, modified whey, cocoa(processed with alkali) hydrogenated coconut oil, nonfat milk, calcium carbonate, and some other crap I don't feel like typing. I think you get the picture.
Which would you rather have? I know what we'll be having from now on!
Have a great day all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

monday confessions...

on Wednesday...
Well I'm hoping all of you had a fantastic Christmas! We did. It's always busy, but good.
Today is spent kinda in a Christmas fog. Cleaning things up, putting things away, throwing things away. Moving things around to make room for new stuff...
I did finish the two ponchos I was making for two of my girlie's. It was at 11pm on Christmas Eve, but they were done.
I didn't eat too much junk food.
I did enjoy a glass of wine last night!
I did get the horse stall cleaned and the cow barn cleaned out...before the snow storm comes tonight into tomorrow. Calling for 8-17 inches, so I've been told by the very correct weathermen...ahem
My husband was working on some other things outside with the tractor getting ready for it while I cleaned the barns.
The kiddos are very excited for the snow storm, I just hope we get enough to make it exciting for them to play in, even if it's a pain to clean up! They are looking forward to having some snow to come and stay for more then a day!
We have plenty of fire wood nearby ready to keep us warm. Love my wood stove!
Our tree is still up, but not for long after today!
The kiddos have been very happy playing with their new toys all day.
Supper is warming up on the wood stove. Soup. Yummy!
I'm always amazed at the creativity of my children and their thoughtfulness. Makes me so proud!
Have a great day all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

dark days challenge

So here it is. Another dark day food challenge. I'm going to try to find and put in the link if you want all the nitty gritty details of it. But in a nut shell here they are..
Only local foods within 150 miles of you. From your farm or others. With the exception of spices and coffee and baking necessities. Take a pic and post it on your blog or leave a comment on my blog of what you had!  It goes from now until April. Boost you own economy and buy local, shop local if you really want to make a difference with your money! It surely does talk!

So we had pork chops from a pig we raised, green beans from our garden, baked potatoes from a local farmer, and milk from our cow. But last night we ate and I forgot the pic. So you'll have to take my word for it. Everything was gone, nothing left, so it must have been good!!!
Have a great day all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ya right

So yesterday was snowing...all night and day. We only got about 6ish inches. Today and last night it's raining.  Making the roads slush, driveways impossible to plow, lugging water treacherous, cranky mommy's because the kiddos are all upsot, upsot?! haha upset they can't go play in the snow like they did yesterday, and making me want to sit and sip hot cocoa and watch Christmas movies all day! That last thought is not gonna happen though. Maybe after I get some things done we can watch a movie!
One of my favorites is Irving Berlins White Christmas! The kiddos love it too! One of my favorite books is The Christmas Miracle of Johnathan Toomey. It's actually now a movie. We also enjoy The Polar Express book and movie, One Wintery Night, Rocking Horse Christmas, The Song of Bethlehem, The Legend of the Candy Cane, and so many more!  Have you ever seen any of these books and the pictures. Oh they are wonderful!
I have to admit I like some of the Hallmark movies too!
Well with the snow yesterday my sister didn't come over to make chocolates  and now the rain...stupid weather ruined our plans...:( Now I'll have to make them alone, with the kiddos. sniff...sniff...
So off to the grind of a day of work, hauling water, school, making chocolates, egg nog, caramel popcorn and laundry!

Monday, December 17, 2012

snow day confessions

I get a snow day, snow day!!! yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!
Oh wait never mind I home school. No snow days in this house hold. I joke with the kiddos and they look at me like what is a snow day? I tell them that public schools cancel school when it's snowing like this...oh!
It's snowing where I'm at in case you hadn't guessed.  Yup still gonna get some school in, not sure I'll get a full week in with Christmas coming and baking and chocolate making looming up ahead. Then we have a nice long break. We are all ready for it!
We got our tree up and decorated!! Then again half the colored lights died on me. Seems to be a never ending battle with me and colored lights. So I dug out some white ones, now the tree is half colored and half white lights.
Again got my daughters poncho made. I don't think I'll have to take it out, again. I can tie the fringe on it and wrap it up! Can't wait!!!!
Its calling for snow lots this week up in the North! I'm not sure my sister will be making the trek out to my place or not. I live on back roads that don't get plowed too often! Such fun!
I think I'll get out and snap a pic or two of the snow covered trees.
I just love to go out, and see the crisp white snow covered trees, few tire tracks on the road, and the listen to the quite stillness of the world around me. The snow falling is the only sound I hear, I can smell the wood stove smoke coming out of the chimney. It's peaceful. Quiet and tranquil. Breathing deeply the new smell of the earth of snow and cold. Knowing winter has arrived.

Have a wonderful day all!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

spin off

Kinda a spin off the whole 12-12-12 thing. I got the idea from Susan, so thanks!

1.The kiddos and I have been busy crafting together. And as you know I am NOT crafty. No really I'm not. I've found some fun things on Pinterest that we have been doing. The kiddos are loving it and doing a real good job. I on the other hand...not so much.

2.GAHHHHHHHHHHHH so stressful to be crafty when you are not!

3.Oh and just when I thought things were going well with a poncho I'm knitting for one of the was done, I had to take it out and start it all over again. I was a little bit more then irritated. So I did some really deep breathing and silent fuming as I took it all out and worked for a while on it..

4. And went to bed, ugly.

5. Knitting is usually so fun for me, and I love to do it, but the poncho might be the death of me!

6. I'm hoping that this weekend we can get our tree! The kiddos are very excited about that. I am too!

7. Next week my sister is coming over to make chocolates with me. I've never made chocolates with her before so it should be fun. Don't worry I'll post a pic or two and have you wanting to lick your screen, but please do try to refrain!

8. I got home last night and my man had put up some Christmas lights on the front of the house and the cow barn! The kiddos and I were surprised and delighted to see them up! (pardon the pun, hardy har har)!!

9. I need to get some stocking stuffers for the kiddos now. I have to actually GO to the store to get them. Then I need to wrap them. I'm terrible at wrapping gifts. I like bags and tissue paper, or nice neat square boxes! :)

10. No we do not do santa, if you were wondering.

11. Every year when we decorate the tree we give the kiddos a new ornament to put on it. That way when they move out...sniff, sniff...they will have some decorations to put on their own trees...sniff...sniff...something my parents did for me and my sisters.

12. We eat cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. I've done that since I was a kid!

Have a great day all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

dark days challenge

OK, so here is my attempt at the dark days challenge.
Basically I have no idea how to add the link to the blog, to the blog that started it, so if you do leave me a comment and clue in this tech-no savvy farm gal!! ;-)
But the rules are once a week you make a meal from only locally grown foods from 150 miles of you. Take a pic and share it on your blog or leave a comment about what you had to eat. Can be from your place or a local farmer. That is the jist of it. Oh and it goes from now until April I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. Just to support local and I think fun to see what others are making locally in their areas. Also there is the exception of using spices, coffee and that sort of stuff, you know some cooking necessities!
So here is my first local meal, for this challenge anyways.
 We had just a down home Pot Roast and a Blueberry Pie.  The pot roast was from a local farmer who raises beef. The potatoes were from a local farmer, the carrots were from my garden, and the milk from our cow! The blueberries were from a local bee keeper that has blueberry fields too!
So there you have it. Farm supported, local, homemade meal! What about you?! What's on your tables?

 Mmmmmmm yummy pot roast!!

Mmmmmm yummy blueberry pie! Why yes, yes I did eat that whole piece of pie right there! It were good too!!
Have a great night all!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

who's the boss

I almost forgot to give you an update on the cows! With everything going on here lately...I won't go into detail...anyways

 Awww mama loves her baby. They finally decided to lay down after 3 days! I was shocked it took 3 days. But they did lay down!
Maggie in front and Dandie in the back.

And Maggie is the boss. Dandie gave her a run for her money though. But mama laid down the law and told Dandie she was top cow...for now until we get more...someday..
Anyhow have a great night all!

Monday, December 10, 2012

monday confessions

Gah! I have so much to do I'm feeling a little guilty sitting here trying to type and read blogs and scarf down my lunch. It's that time of year.
As you know I'm almost done my Christmas shopping and am sooooooooooo glad of that. Now I've got some gifts that I'm making and working on when there are not 4 kiddos around...which is in the evening, and late into the night kinda times. And other gifts that can't be done till later that I am doing with the kiddos. So with the holidays coming I'm trying to get in school, and some fun extra crafts with them for fun! I'll probably post some of the fun we are having with crafts and oh the chocolate making!
 I am glad that I got the packages in the mail!! That makes me feel so much better to have them in my possession! For what ever reason UPS and Fed Ex can never find my house, so they were at the post office. My husband had informed the post office lady that they might show up there and to please grab them, so they didn't get sent back. I've had that happen before and was ripped when I got the email saying they had been sent back to the company. Thankfully this post office lady is very nice and knows us and she said she would grab them for us. The joy of small town living!
The kiddos and I decorated for Christmas the other day. I am the coolest mom I let them put decorations on their dressers, and a "tree." It's just a branch, but they are so happy. I hung some garland over their doors too. Next to put up is the tree. I hope to get it up soon! We made sugar cookie and watched a Christmas time favorite movie the other day as well.  I dug out some Christmas favorite books too and have been reading them with the kiddos. It's nice to have some movies and books to watch and look forward to once a year. It's a treat for us.
Had a fantastic weekend. My kiddos went to my moms and my husband and I had a date night and then a whole day together.  Just the two of us hanging out. You know, it was nice. I didn't have to share him! We got the kiddos back Saturday night, after a meal with my in laws and everyone decorating their tree, then that night it was nice to sit on the couch that night and listen to them all snore! Church on Sunday and went to my SIL's for a late lunch. Then once the kiddos were in bed I worked on their gifts.
Well lunch is done and I gotta get busy with laundry and finish up school!
Have a great day all!

Friday, December 7, 2012

good quote

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."
William Shakespeare

Thursday, December 6, 2012

feeding the family

I just gotta say that feeding my family a meal that we raised/grew is very satisfying. All the work, time and effort all summer long pays off. When I can go to my freezer or cabinet and pull some healthy, nutritional food out and fix it for my family...that is a very nice feeling. For supper last night we had a ham, green beans and milk all from home. The potatoes were locally grown. The pie was made from local berries and made in my kitchen. Our breakfast this morning I call "Hash" was home raised bacon, sausage, eggs, and milk. Along with local potatoes. We didn't grow any potatoes due to no room in the garden, but I would like to next year! We'll see how the space goes!
May seem like boasting, and maybe I am a little, but in a humble sort of way. Once you stop and think about where our food comes from, and how it's grown or raised and how most go to the store to get everything...I like to stick it to the big guys and do it myself! I find that very satisfying indeed!
Have a great day all!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

oh my cows!!!!

OK, so here is another thing we got goin on here.
We put Maggie and Dandie in the same pasture...something we have wanted to do for a while, but haven't for many reasons. Well we finally did. It's kinda sorta almost winter and we had to make the pastures smaller, so we just stuck them in together. Well there was head butting, and mounting and pushing and shoving. Dandie gave her mom a run for the top cow...

 butting heads...

oh my!
We were all out there watching to see what would happen. Dandie really wants to be the boss over mama. It took them a while to share a pile of hay, then Maggie would kick Dandie out and she would go eat somewhere else, then come eat out of moms pile. Then the dance would begin again. All day I was on high alert after my husband left for the day. I was in the window and out the door a lot. The kiddos were right there with me too. I was surprised we got a day of school in, but we did!

Dandie loving on mom, after being told what for!
Stay tuned for who's who in our cow barn... who are you rooting for?! Maggie or Dandie... let me know in a comment!
Have a great day all!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

thank you and stuff

You guys I just gotta say Thank you. I was thinking about not blogging anymore for lots of reasons, but now I think I'll just keep it up.
For DFW, if you look to the right of the scree there is a black box and on the top of it there is a bunch of heads and if you click it it says followers and you can join that way. I just found your blog and will be joining soon.

So as I had said a while ago I have a new cabinet in my house, made and designed by my man. So here it is. I like to deliver. Isn't it perty?! I just love it!


Open. It's not full, but maybe next year it will be! Maybe today when I have a few more minutes of "free time" I'll get more up to date on your blogs. But right this minute I gotta run and get some more home school done.
Have a great day all!

Monday, December 3, 2012

we are now here

So I moved. Here we are at a new blogspot. Same old us just new and improved. Not.

I hope you will continue to follow us and feel free to leave a comment.

 As you all know Twinkies are leaving us by the Hostess brand forever. So my husband stopped and bought a box. Our kiddos have never had Twinkies before and didn't even know what they were, so we gave them one. Their first and last one!! I might add that my husband and I hate them, and most of the kiddos did too!! We even told them what they were made ingredients!
Have a great day all!