Monday, February 25, 2013

monday confessions

Hi guys!
 Welcome to my newest followers! Thanks for joining us!
I've not been on my blog for a while. Not much to say really and not much going on, well unless you count all the laundry, and poop I've shoveled, and the water...but you get the picture! Just a dotch of cabin fever going on here. I'm so ready for some warm days and to feel the hot sun on my face!
Soon I'll have posts about all the tapping trees and boiling sap on here!! Can't wait! Then I won't stop talking about it! I love maple syrup!
But today I'll show you some things I have been up to. And hopefully get around to all of your blogs and say hi again.

I'll start with this

Just because I can baby! Just because I can! Yupo yer lookin at some homemade Samoas! Took me FOREVER to make them, and my son can't have any due to the fact that he has braces. But they were sooooo amazingly good. I took them to a church lunch we had and shared them. I found the recipe on Pinterest, I mean surprise, surprise! But yummy! Please refrain from licking your screen.

Here is Sunday morning. Snow. Wet, heavy snow. This is the beautiful spot we keep our hay, in a barn of course. But we just love this spot of land. My husband had to go get hay, so I was running around getting the rest of the chores done, and he snapped this photo. Peaceful and beautiful.

 Here is another shot of the hay spot. That is the barn. Kinda leaning towards sawyers, but it works and keeps the hay dry. We are very thankful for the use of it too. Looks like a real old photo of a farm of long ago. And it kinda is.

And while it's cold and snowy out I sit and my free time in the evening! I've made another one in pink, for a family member, and this purple one is for a friend, and the dark purple one is for another family member. I need to get started on it!
Oh and my husband took our girls to a father daughter dance one night at our church! So much fun!! I got to go on a date with our son. Such a great night for all of us for sure! One I hope will be remembered for a long time!
Have a great Monday all. Mine is going OK, for now!

Monday, February 18, 2013

dark days challenge

Haven't put up one of these in a while. But here is one for ya. But again I have no pic of it. It was gone before I even remembered I could post this. You'll have to envision it all in your head. Try not to drool on the keyboard though ;
We had The Best Pork Chops You'll Ever Taste is what they are called. No really. But according to my husband they were not the best pork chops he's ever had. But he still liked them. I found the recipe on Pinterest. The seasoning on them was not local, but the pork was home grown! We had green beans that were from our garden last year, and baked potatoes from a local farmer!! And in the process of cooking the pork, I had my potatoes on the stove in a plastic bowl, to keep them see this coming right?! I mean it's happened to all of us...right?! I managed to melt part of my bowl, but thankfully not enough to ruin my potatoes! Then to top it all off we had pie, raspberry blueberry pie! I think the pie was the best part! I'm just a pie kinda gal though!  Both berries are from local farms too!

Today was a typical Monday for me, but other then that it was Monday! Cold and windy on the hill. But all the critters are done for the night and I don't have to go see them until tomorrow morning!
Have a great night all!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

happy dance

Late yesterday afternoon I got a phone call. 

                                                Here are my two expecting Mama's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super happy and excited too! We were fairly certain they both were pregnant, but not 100%. Now we are! We will be drying Maggie off next month and she will calve in May. Dandie will come fresh for the first time in October!!!!!!!!!!! 
We feel blessed with the growth of our herd from within. I'm really hoping for two little heifers, wishful thinking, maybe, but you never know. We would love to have a closed herd at some point in our dairying life. That would be amazing for us!! 
Have a great weekend all!!!! 

Friday, February 15, 2013

i'm still around

Well hello blogger friends!!
I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, just off blogger for a while! Mainly I've been busy with life and nothing really blog worthy to blog about. Just everyday life. It's February and I'm very much looking forward to the spring and tapping trees which is right around the corner!!!
We've had a blizzard,  snow storms, and freezing rain. My husband and one of his brothers were in a fender bender during one of the storms. It wasn't their fault, someone hit them due to slippery conditions on the road and going too fast. I'm thankful it was nothing big!
We took a blood sample on Dandie and sent it away, and are now waiting the result! So hoping for a positive, she hasn't come back into heat since we had her bred, so I would be surprised if she isn't...I'll let you know. Or you might hear a loud whoop when we get the results!!!! It's just me excited!
Our son has a fishing derby with the Boy Scouts this weekend, and they are calling for snow, so that should be fun. Oh and he got his Tenderfoot badge the other night too! So proud of him!
Well that's about all. Have a great day all!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

whats cooking in my kitchen

Wanna come over for dessert?

Devil Dogs.
 Mmmm I may just skip supper.
Been busy with life and haven't been on the computer. So I thought I'd pop in and tease ya with dessert!
Have a great day all!  I'll be around to your blogs when I can sit and read, just haven't had time this week for computer stuff!!
Have a great night all!!!