Thursday, April 21, 2016


It's an absolutely gorgeous day out! Plenty of sun and a light breeze and the air is glorious! Even the cows are enjoying the sun!

 Most of the cows are laying down chewing their cud in the warm sunshine. Things are starting to green up and dry out. Can you see them?! Haha. The specks out there!

Here is our rooster. Mr. Luke. The kiddos named him. He thought a dirt bath in the sun would be nice too. I caught him!

And truth be told, I'm enjoying the sun too. I decided that having an afternoon iced coffee while watching the critters was a must. The kiddos are out and about as well. Far too nice to be inside.

Have a great day y'all!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

spring flowers

The crocus are up!
My husband and one of our daughters went for a walk the other day and saw some. At the time we didn't know what they were, so we looked them up. They are pretty little flowers.

I think I'd like to someday have a flower garden. And put some of these in it. Until then I'll enjoy others flower gardens! I know my oldest daughter is really into flowers and would like that too.
Have a great day y'all!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

whats cookin in my kitchen

MmHmm. I'm usually always cooking/baking. Making a mess of my kitchen while I do it. Those who know me know I make a mess and an not quiet in the kitchen. Usually dropping things on the floor banging and clanging things around, singing, probably off key, to the music I have on. But I am usually quite happy cooking. I really enjoy it.
My husband came home the other day with some apples. We greeted each other with our usual kiss hello, after being apart all day. I noticed the apples and asked what he wanted. He grinned and said apple pie, and apple fritters. So of course I made an apple pie that night for him, lol.
Then the other day I looked up apple fritters on Pinterest. There are a ton of them. Pick any one you like and there you have it. I choose Pioneer Woman's.

I made a double batch because I knew one wouldn't be enough. We enjoyed them that night and had some left over to add to breakfast the next morning. I had several while I was cooking them. They are sooooo good! Hot and crunchy! Easy to make too.

Have a great day y'all!