Tuesday, May 14, 2019

the fire truck comes

Not in the way your probably thinking though. Thankfully.

We needed the under ground water drain cleaned out to make sure that all the water we use during wash up would actually go out where it should go. The best way we could be sure it was clean was to have the water truck come and dump pressurized water down it! So we did!
We also had the plumber out to set up the on demand hot water supply system. Our water temp is run on propane and needs to be 185 degrees. So ya, it's super hot. And yes when it hits your hand it is so hot its almost cold then it's instant pain. Gives a nice little burn on your hand. I've gotten one. So we try not to touch the water.

the truck arrives

getting everything ready

worked like a charm! there she blows!!! 
the plumber and my husband

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