Thursday, February 19, 2015

shes here..

Allis got a big sister today!

Allis is the 6140 bucket tractor. 40HP

Meet Kate!! She's a 185. 74HP She's huge! We bought her the day before my birthday, so my husband said he bought a tractor for me. :)
 She came from Ohio and was dropped off at a local dealership, and then was delivered to our farm today.
  We've had our eyes peeled for a bigger tractor for a while and this one caught our eye. She's in great condition too.
This will hopefully make our haying season run a little faster and be more efficient for the mower and baler.  The 40HP is not quite strong enough for them.
While I take Allis around with the rake, my husband can come along behind and start baling.
As you can see we have some snow...a lot of snow really. I should show you the snow banks down the road from our house...We are looking forward to it being gone and started our 2015 farming in full swing!