Wednesday, January 22, 2014

deep freeze...again

Just a quick post to let you know I haven't frozen, but almost, or dropped off the bloggers world completely. Just life gets busy, and there is no "spare time." 

This winter has hit us hard. We actually have had a winter. We haven't really had a Maine winter in a long time. I think we got a little spoiled with milder winter temps and no snow. But that all ended this year. We've had some big snow storms. An ice storm.( The last one was back in 98. I won't tell you where or what I was doing or how old I was). ;)  And some heavy rain fall causing some flooding, and really bad driving conditions due to the temps dropping and it all freezing again. A very long deep freeze with -30 wind chill temperatures, yes you read that right. A
 week of mild weather that was really nice to have, after the extreme cold. Now we are back in -0 temperatures and some wind. Sigh
But with all the cold I hope it's killed off lots of the flies, ticks and such creepy crawlies! They were getting really bad here. 
Makes me look forward to the warmer weather that I know is coming...eventually.

 Just a little bit longer and we'll be out tapping trees! I look forward to that. I'm hopeful for a good year. With all the winter weather we've had I hope the sap runs well. Last year was pretty much a flop. So we could use a good run! 

We are looking forward to the warmer weather too for the farm. Got some new plans for the new year!! So hopefully, prayerfully things will come together for us! 

Have a great night all!!