Monday, June 10, 2019

flash forward monday 2019

Just to mix it up a bit I thought I'd do flash forward posts! Because all my posts are from the past. Then you can see some real time posts! I'll  keep it to Monday only though. Maybe it will be fun, maybe it will confuse you, maybe it will confuse me!! LOL  IDK. But I thought it might be fun.
So lets talk about breeding age heifers...

This is Poppy.

This is Camilla.

We got them last week. We got them from the same farm we bought our first cow from in 2010. Poppy is actually in the same line as that cow (Maggie). 
After getting neck chains on them my husband took Poppy off the trailer first. She was just fine. Well Camilla didn't like being alone with new people, smells and sights. She started to spin around and knock on the walls of the trailer. She wanted her friend back. My husband went back on the trailer to get her with the halter on her and the door swung open. 
Camilla came out rather quickly, in the opposite direction of the barn. We were all placed around the door of the barn and the entrance we wanted her to go in. She headed my way, and I tried to grab her rope halter to steer her. I'm not much when compared to a scared 800lb thing I know I'm on the ground with legs, feet, and a gray belly over me! I was able to cover my head with my arms, and tuck and roll on my side. Then there were arms grabbing me under my arm pits pulling me up! I remember saying "I'm OK!" Then we got her back in the direction we wanted her to go and put in her stanchion. I looked down at my shirt and had a hoof print on me. I knew I'd been kicked and had fallen on a piece of fire wood. I also was kicked between my shoulder blade.
Rough introduction to a new heifer for sure. I was, and am fine. I took a couple milking's off, and have some fun bruises. 
But Camilla and I are good friends now :)  She and Poppy have settled in, and we really like these girls. We're looking forward to getting them bred and having 2 more productive members of the herd. 
Happy Monday y'all! 

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