Tuesday, December 4, 2012

thank you and stuff

You guys I just gotta say Thank you. I was thinking about not blogging anymore for lots of reasons, but now I think I'll just keep it up.
For DFW, if you look to the right of the scree there is a black box and on the top of it there is a bunch of heads and if you click it it says followers and you can join that way. I just found your blog and will be joining soon.

So as I had said a while ago I have a new cabinet in my house, made and designed by my man. So here it is. I like to deliver. Isn't it perty?! I just love it!


Open. It's not full, but maybe next year it will be! Maybe today when I have a few more minutes of "free time" I'll get more up to date on your blogs. But right this minute I gotta run and get some more home school done.
Have a great day all!


  1. Canned food is so pretty on the shelves. Its like art, displaying all of your hard work! Your man did a good job on the cabinet, and I ♥ the color. It takes alot of time to blog, but for me the friendships that have grown through blogland are treasured ☺

  2. Love the new cupboard! I'm glad you decided to keep on blogging, I always enjoy reading about what you guys are up to. The Twinkie picture is cute! I'm following you now here. :)

  3. That is SO COOL! I echo Kelly's statement as well. So glad you decided to keep on Blogging! :)

  4. Keep it up...love to read the farm blogs! Your red cabinet is beautiful! Have a wonderful and blessed week! Roxie

  5. Very nice. Love it. The red too, what a great color. It makes all of those preserves look so pretty too.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead

  6. I to am glad you are going to continue Blogging :) I feel like you are my friend. We can spin circles around our dashboard together ;)

  7. Are those carrots? I love that cabinet. And, I think I've just joined your site. Can't wait for more posts.

  8. Thanks guys for the encouragement.

    And yes those are carrots, and garlic dill pickles, pickled beets, and apples on that side of the shelf. I didn't show you the other side!!

    Renee- hahaha spinning around the dashboard!! :)

  9. Found you over here now! What an incredible looking cabinet. That color looks really sharp. You have a very handy hubby!