Thursday, December 13, 2012

spin off

Kinda a spin off the whole 12-12-12 thing. I got the idea from Susan, so thanks!

1.The kiddos and I have been busy crafting together. And as you know I am NOT crafty. No really I'm not. I've found some fun things on Pinterest that we have been doing. The kiddos are loving it and doing a real good job. I on the other hand...not so much.

2.GAHHHHHHHHHHHH so stressful to be crafty when you are not!

3.Oh and just when I thought things were going well with a poncho I'm knitting for one of the was done, I had to take it out and start it all over again. I was a little bit more then irritated. So I did some really deep breathing and silent fuming as I took it all out and worked for a while on it..

4. And went to bed, ugly.

5. Knitting is usually so fun for me, and I love to do it, but the poncho might be the death of me!

6. I'm hoping that this weekend we can get our tree! The kiddos are very excited about that. I am too!

7. Next week my sister is coming over to make chocolates with me. I've never made chocolates with her before so it should be fun. Don't worry I'll post a pic or two and have you wanting to lick your screen, but please do try to refrain!

8. I got home last night and my man had put up some Christmas lights on the front of the house and the cow barn! The kiddos and I were surprised and delighted to see them up! (pardon the pun, hardy har har)!!

9. I need to get some stocking stuffers for the kiddos now. I have to actually GO to the store to get them. Then I need to wrap them. I'm terrible at wrapping gifts. I like bags and tissue paper, or nice neat square boxes! :)

10. No we do not do santa, if you were wondering.

11. Every year when we decorate the tree we give the kiddos a new ornament to put on it. That way when they move out...sniff, sniff...they will have some decorations to put on their own trees...sniff...sniff...something my parents did for me and my sisters.

12. We eat cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. I've done that since I was a kid!

Have a great day all!


  1. What fun, light on the cow barn!! :)
    Cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast sounds like a wonderful idea to me!


  2. It sounds like you have been extremely busy! I was giggiling out loud when I read about your "deep breathing and silent fuming" over your knitting project. My sister in law tried to teach me to crochet and I felt like a raging 2 year old in an adult body while trying to learn. I was so frustrated. Then decided to walk away from that for while :) I look forward to your chocolate pictures :) I will try and refrain from licking the screen. LOL! Love your blog :)