Wednesday, December 12, 2012

dark days challenge

OK, so here is my attempt at the dark days challenge.
Basically I have no idea how to add the link to the blog, to the blog that started it, so if you do leave me a comment and clue in this tech-no savvy farm gal!! ;-)
But the rules are once a week you make a meal from only locally grown foods from 150 miles of you. Take a pic and share it on your blog or leave a comment about what you had to eat. Can be from your place or a local farmer. That is the jist of it. Oh and it goes from now until April I think. Correct me if I'm wrong. Just to support local and I think fun to see what others are making locally in their areas. Also there is the exception of using spices, coffee and that sort of stuff, you know some cooking necessities!
So here is my first local meal, for this challenge anyways.
 We had just a down home Pot Roast and a Blueberry Pie.  The pot roast was from a local farmer who raises beef. The potatoes were from a local farmer, the carrots were from my garden, and the milk from our cow! The blueberries were from a local bee keeper that has blueberry fields too!
So there you have it. Farm supported, local, homemade meal! What about you?! What's on your tables?

 Mmmmmmm yummy pot roast!!

Mmmmmm yummy blueberry pie! Why yes, yes I did eat that whole piece of pie right there! It were good too!!
Have a great night all!


  1. I'll attempt to help you add a link to your page...I'm not such a techie myself, but I've done this frequently.

    1. Go to the web page to which you want to create the link, and highlight the url in the address bar. Right click, then click on the copy option.

    2. Now, go to your blogger dashboard, or wherever you create your posts. If your screen is like mine, when typing a new post, you will see the option above the text box, to do things like add a link or photo. Click on the link icon.

    3. When it asks you what url you want to link to...right click, and chose the paste option. The url that you highlighted in step 1 should appear. It will likely also ask you what text you want to appear. You can type anything you want here, and that's what folks will see when reading your blog.

    4. Hit OK, and viola' you have created your link.

    I hope this made sense and was helpful!

  2. Yummie!!! You wouldn't happen to have a recipie for that Blueberry Pie would you?

  3. What?!? You didn't save me even a teeny little bite of that luscious piece of pie?!? ;)
    To add a link in Blogger, when you are creating your post, there is an option next to "picture" that says "link." You click on that and copy and paste the website's address into the bottom box and type whatever you want it to say, like "Dark Days Challenge" or "here," into the top box. Hope that helps!
    Your meal looks lovely, YUM!!

  4. This would be our family's kind of meal ... meat & potatoes and a delightful dessert. Looks delicious!!