Monday, December 10, 2012

monday confessions

Gah! I have so much to do I'm feeling a little guilty sitting here trying to type and read blogs and scarf down my lunch. It's that time of year.
As you know I'm almost done my Christmas shopping and am sooooooooooo glad of that. Now I've got some gifts that I'm making and working on when there are not 4 kiddos around...which is in the evening, and late into the night kinda times. And other gifts that can't be done till later that I am doing with the kiddos. So with the holidays coming I'm trying to get in school, and some fun extra crafts with them for fun! I'll probably post some of the fun we are having with crafts and oh the chocolate making!
 I am glad that I got the packages in the mail!! That makes me feel so much better to have them in my possession! For what ever reason UPS and Fed Ex can never find my house, so they were at the post office. My husband had informed the post office lady that they might show up there and to please grab them, so they didn't get sent back. I've had that happen before and was ripped when I got the email saying they had been sent back to the company. Thankfully this post office lady is very nice and knows us and she said she would grab them for us. The joy of small town living!
The kiddos and I decorated for Christmas the other day. I am the coolest mom I let them put decorations on their dressers, and a "tree." It's just a branch, but they are so happy. I hung some garland over their doors too. Next to put up is the tree. I hope to get it up soon! We made sugar cookie and watched a Christmas time favorite movie the other day as well.  I dug out some Christmas favorite books too and have been reading them with the kiddos. It's nice to have some movies and books to watch and look forward to once a year. It's a treat for us.
Had a fantastic weekend. My kiddos went to my moms and my husband and I had a date night and then a whole day together.  Just the two of us hanging out. You know, it was nice. I didn't have to share him! We got the kiddos back Saturday night, after a meal with my in laws and everyone decorating their tree, then that night it was nice to sit on the couch that night and listen to them all snore! Church on Sunday and went to my SIL's for a late lunch. Then once the kiddos were in bed I worked on their gifts.
Well lunch is done and I gotta get busy with laundry and finish up school!
Have a great day all!


  1. Christmas with kids is just THE best!! I'm glad you got some time with your hubby too! :)

  2. Busy you've been! :) Aren't date nights so nice once in awhile?!