Wednesday, February 6, 2013

whats cooking in my kitchen

Wanna come over for dessert?

Devil Dogs.
 Mmmm I may just skip supper.
Been busy with life and haven't been on the computer. So I thought I'd pop in and tease ya with dessert!
Have a great day all!  I'll be around to your blogs when I can sit and read, just haven't had time this week for computer stuff!!
Have a great night all!!!


  1. I do want to visit and share some desert!!

  2. Looks good as usual! Your family is lucky to have a dessert makin' mama!

  3. On my way!

    That does look amazing, delicious, scrumptious!

  4. You are so cruel!!! :) I bet I would gain 50 lbs if I lived near you! Those look amazing...

  5. Now that looks like something I need right about now. But where's the hot fudge sauce drizzled all over? Yum!

  6. Look at all those beauties lined up in the background! Is there any left?!? ;)

  7. Thanks guys!! I'd love it if you could all come over for some..well before they were all eaten and now are gone, but I'd make more!!

  8. OOO that looks so good. Seems like the busy life is making its way around. I have been busy myself this week. Love getting stuff done though.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead