Friday, February 15, 2013

i'm still around

Well hello blogger friends!!
I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, just off blogger for a while! Mainly I've been busy with life and nothing really blog worthy to blog about. Just everyday life. It's February and I'm very much looking forward to the spring and tapping trees which is right around the corner!!!
We've had a blizzard,  snow storms, and freezing rain. My husband and one of his brothers were in a fender bender during one of the storms. It wasn't their fault, someone hit them due to slippery conditions on the road and going too fast. I'm thankful it was nothing big!
We took a blood sample on Dandie and sent it away, and are now waiting the result! So hoping for a positive, she hasn't come back into heat since we had her bred, so I would be surprised if she isn't...I'll let you know. Or you might hear a loud whoop when we get the results!!!! It's just me excited!
Our son has a fishing derby with the Boy Scouts this weekend, and they are calling for snow, so that should be fun. Oh and he got his Tenderfoot badge the other night too! So proud of him!
Well that's about all. Have a great day all!!!


  1. Thank goodness your husbands okay!!!
    I hope Dandi is preggo for you :)
    Congrats to your son! The scouts, boy and girl are awesome!!!

  2. Congratulations to your son! He should have a ball in Boy Scouts. I hope they don't get too much snow during their fishing derby (and hope he wins...) Fingers crossed on Dandie's "condition"! Glad you'r staying in touch. How much maple syrup do you produce on your farm?

    1. Well it all depends on the year. Some years are good and last year was horrible! We are hopeful for this year though!

  3. We like hearing about everyday "stuff" too because it's usually DIFFERENT than our "stuff!"
    Hope they don't get too much snow for the fishing derby and congrats to him on earning his badge! :)