Thursday, January 31, 2013

batten down the hatches folks

we got some serious wind around here!!!

First it's so cold it freezes eggs, then it's warm in the 40-50's and windy!! And I'm talking some wind!!! And don't forget the rain. I'm not complaining, I don't have to lug water from the house, I can get it from the outside spicket! That is exciting for me. I know it's the little things!
Well this morning was wet and windy during chores, making another load of laundry of sopping wet clothes. Not fun to get blown all over the yard. My husband had to leave very early to finish up a job this morning, so the kiddos and I were on our own. Well after chores and in the house and dry I look out the window and notice our hay wagon was gone. GONE?! you say gone?! So upon further inspection and looking it's all the way in our neighbors driveway ditch!!!!!!!!!!!! What?
See look

 NO, not the driveway we share, but the other neighbors driveway. See it in the ditch next to the telephone pole? (the orange SMV sign is on it. see it?) Up a small hill of the driveways, in the cow pasture, or rather through the cow pasture, and clear across the field. I zoomed in so you could see it, because otherwise you couldn't see it with my camera. And with 40 degree weather and rain makes for some sloppy travel time too, see

That is what the hay wagon had to travel through to get across the field! So ya, when I say we get some wind, I'm talking wind!! I did call my neighbor and let him know that it was there, and I have no way to go get it at this time. He said when the weather calms down he'd go get it and bring it home. (No zoom on this pic and the hay wagon is out there, can you find it? Look for the telephone pole...)
I'm so glad I had the cows in this morning or this would have been a very different post for sure, not that I haven't chased cows in the wind and rain before...When it calms down we gotta fix the cow pasture too!
Stay dry and have a great day all!


  1. Wow! Try not to blow away!!!!

  2. Your right! That is some wind!!!! lol

  3. I would say, that is some wind! I found ag bag plastic in our neighbor's yard this morning. Not as serious as a hay wagon, though! :) Hang on!

  4. We(Wisconsin) had a record day Tues of 54 degrees - THEN Weds 25 degrees with over 6 inches of snow - then Thurs 7 degrees with -20 wind chill!! This weather doesn't know what to do!!

  5. Holy moly, that's some serious wind! We had a few limbs down here but nothing too bad. I'm glad your neighbor will help get your hay wagon home.

  6. That is crazy!!! Those hay wagons are NOT light either!

  7. That is a whole lotta wind! Yikes!!
    We had that happen with the 4-horse horse trailer a few years back, blew it off the block and halfway to the neighbors' place. We make sure to chock the wheels now. ;)

  8. My goodness that is some kind of wind. Glad you are all ok and that the neighbor brought home the hay wagon. Whew sounds like quite a day.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead