Saturday, February 16, 2013

happy dance

Late yesterday afternoon I got a phone call. 

                                                Here are my two expecting Mama's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm super happy and excited too! We were fairly certain they both were pregnant, but not 100%. Now we are! We will be drying Maggie off next month and she will calve in May. Dandie will come fresh for the first time in October!!!!!!!!!!! 
We feel blessed with the growth of our herd from within. I'm really hoping for two little heifers, wishful thinking, maybe, but you never know. We would love to have a closed herd at some point in our dairying life. That would be amazing for us!! 
Have a great weekend all!!!! 


  1. Heifers would be great to build up your herd! How many cows do you have now?

    1. Well we have just the two. But by the end of the summer we will have 4. Unless they are bull calves, then we have to get rid of them.

  2. Afternoon, will wish for you to, they are so the color of the girls.......Thanks for popping in my blog, enjoy your visits.....Hugs Francine.

  3. Finding calves in the field is better than presents at Christmas! "If" you have bull calves, steer them and raise them for beef. Most folks here in Vermont have a few Holstein or Jersey steers they raise for the freezer. Low in fat and cholesterol. Come visit my herd when you have a chance;
    Its almost sugaring time here too!!!

  4. Sounds like fun! What a blessing.