Monday, February 25, 2013

monday confessions

Hi guys!
 Welcome to my newest followers! Thanks for joining us!
I've not been on my blog for a while. Not much to say really and not much going on, well unless you count all the laundry, and poop I've shoveled, and the water...but you get the picture! Just a dotch of cabin fever going on here. I'm so ready for some warm days and to feel the hot sun on my face!
Soon I'll have posts about all the tapping trees and boiling sap on here!! Can't wait! Then I won't stop talking about it! I love maple syrup!
But today I'll show you some things I have been up to. And hopefully get around to all of your blogs and say hi again.

I'll start with this

Just because I can baby! Just because I can! Yupo yer lookin at some homemade Samoas! Took me FOREVER to make them, and my son can't have any due to the fact that he has braces. But they were sooooo amazingly good. I took them to a church lunch we had and shared them. I found the recipe on Pinterest, I mean surprise, surprise! But yummy! Please refrain from licking your screen.

Here is Sunday morning. Snow. Wet, heavy snow. This is the beautiful spot we keep our hay, in a barn of course. But we just love this spot of land. My husband had to go get hay, so I was running around getting the rest of the chores done, and he snapped this photo. Peaceful and beautiful.

 Here is another shot of the hay spot. That is the barn. Kinda leaning towards sawyers, but it works and keeps the hay dry. We are very thankful for the use of it too. Looks like a real old photo of a farm of long ago. And it kinda is.

And while it's cold and snowy out I sit and my free time in the evening! I've made another one in pink, for a family member, and this purple one is for a friend, and the dark purple one is for another family member. I need to get started on it!
Oh and my husband took our girls to a father daughter dance one night at our church! So much fun!! I got to go on a date with our son. Such a great night for all of us for sure! One I hope will be remembered for a long time!
Have a great Monday all. Mine is going OK, for now!


  1. Your cookies look great!!!! The poor little Girl Scouts don't have a chance at your house LOL!!!

  2. Afternoon, yum yum, that looks tasty.......oh no, not snow, I'm so tired of it now....wish Spring would come.........Happy Knitting, Francine.

  3. I'm with you. I'm dreaming of warmer days. The maple tapping is going well, but the weather is not cooperating. One day of warm here and then four or five days later another. It gives us more time to get all our lines in place though!

  4. I'm with you. I'm sooo ready for warm weather! The maple tapping is coming along, but the weather isn't cooperating... one day of slightly warmer weather and then four or five days of very cold. It gives us time to get in all our lines though!

  5. Samoas are my favorite Girl Scout cookies, I'll have to check them out on Pinterest! Love the beautiful snowy pictures. Sounds like ya'll have been keeping busy and what fun to have a date night with your boy! :)

  6. Oooh, Samoas are my favorite, too! Thank goodness I can't eat them! :) I love the photo of your barn in the snow - it does look like an old picture! The blanket is lovely - I wish I could crochet like that. Those are some very lucky recipients.

  7. Yum... cookies, yarn and lovely photos :-) fabulous!

  8. Pretty much the same here.Not a lot going on. Could it be the quiet before the storm. I think so. With spring on the way things are going to start happening. We did go and roses this weekend and planted them today. That has been the biggest event so far.

    @ 3Beeze Homestead