Monday, February 18, 2013

dark days challenge

Haven't put up one of these in a while. But here is one for ya. But again I have no pic of it. It was gone before I even remembered I could post this. You'll have to envision it all in your head. Try not to drool on the keyboard though ;
We had The Best Pork Chops You'll Ever Taste is what they are called. No really. But according to my husband they were not the best pork chops he's ever had. But he still liked them. I found the recipe on Pinterest. The seasoning on them was not local, but the pork was home grown! We had green beans that were from our garden last year, and baked potatoes from a local farmer!! And in the process of cooking the pork, I had my potatoes on the stove in a plastic bowl, to keep them see this coming right?! I mean it's happened to all of us...right?! I managed to melt part of my bowl, but thankfully not enough to ruin my potatoes! Then to top it all off we had pie, raspberry blueberry pie! I think the pie was the best part! I'm just a pie kinda gal though!  Both berries are from local farms too!

Today was a typical Monday for me, but other then that it was Monday! Cold and windy on the hill. But all the critters are done for the night and I don't have to go see them until tomorrow morning!
Have a great night all!

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  1. We had pork chops Monday night too! :) I'm gonna be posting the recipe soon, it was REALLY good and so easy!
    Yep, we've all melted things on the stove, glad it didn't ruin the potatoes.