Monday, January 7, 2013

monday confessions

So here we are...another Monday. Belch.
Back to school Monday from a much longer vacation then I planned. But with colds, ear aches, Dr. appointments, and a cousins birthday we are finally back on track. Well at least for today. When the regular routine gets off whack for whatever reason I feel displaced. Not that I'm a set in stone planner, because I'm so not that kind of gal, just ask my husband, I just need something of a routine. So much work to get done and school takes up a large amount of my day. SO I feel better now that we have things back going again.
It's still rather cold here too. Not as bad but chilly.
Still lugging water. I'll be so glad when we are set up to have water IN the barn and I no longer have to lug it all winter long. I mean stop and think, we lug about 100 gallons of water a day. Yup you read that right. Animals drink a lot of water, but not as much in the winter verses the summer. Thankfully we have hoses for the summer time watering!
I finally sat down and made a menu for two weeks! Now I have to go shopping for the things I need...fantastic! I decided to have homemade Chinese food one night too! Oh I can't wait. I love Chinese food! Yummmmmmm!!!
 I've found some yummilishous looking recipes on Pinterest!! Like the other night we had cheeseburger wraps! Yummy! Tasted just like a cheeseburger. Imagine!
We've got lots of snowmobilers that go by now. Apparently there is enough snow for the trails to be opened. I didn't think we had that much snow, but we do. They are usually really good about the driveway with the kiddos and the critters. We've spoken to folks who are not, and they get the picture real quick about slowing down!
We have new neighbors. The folks who bought the house rented it out. I've only met the guy who lives there, he came down to the house and introduced himself to us, and said they would be careful of the kiddos and the critters. I was pleased to hear that. He has a girlfriend, but I've yet to meet her. I've seen her though. I've thought about making a pie for them and saying welcome. What do you think?! Would you make a new neighbor a pie?  If I can catch them at home...

Well I gotta run the kiddos are hungry and we need to do afternoon chores and finish up with school!
I hope ya'll had a great weekend!
Happy Monday!!


  1. I would've loved a pie when we moved in here, I say go for it! Our neighbors just came over and chatted, ALOT! Come to find out they are all just pretty nosy, but so are we now LOL!!!!!

  2. A pie! Wow, you're a good neighbor. I brought mine a dozen free range eggs.

    I can't believe y'all haul that much water. And here I thought it was bad to lug a 5 gal bucket in for the goats when it's raining! I still plan to have the water run to the barn, but the electricity went in this month and that more than zapped my Christmas money.

  3. You are a busy ga that's for sure........that Pinterset is so addicting, I look for hours on it.......Take Care, Francine.

  4. I think taking the new neighbors a pie is a great idea! Can't wait to hear about your homemade Chinese food! :)

  5. I think a pie is a great "welcome to the neighborhood" offering.