Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So not too long ago I said we were having a cold snap. Felt like a heat wave compared to today. Well this week all this week it's been 0 or below with a wind chill. Today, it's 0 with a not kidding -20 wind chill factor. I took a picture, that's inside the shed. Yup it's cold. Fingers freeze to the water pails as they are lugged out, milk splatters freeze to the side of the pail. I did milk this am and it was 3 degrees in the cow barn, nicer then the -5 outside. And you hear on the radio that this is going to continue for the next day and a half. Oh the joys! Florida looks even better today, or Hawaii! Sign me up! I'm ready!
If you drop something, like wood on your toe it's likely to just fall off, even in winter boots. You won't feel any pain until you take your boot off and find a bloody stump on your foot. Your legs will feel like shard of glass are cutting them open as the wind whirls around them, even with 2 layers on. Guess I needed to put my Carharts on... lungs will burn as you gasp for some air as the cold wind hits your face. Your nose, if it's running will have snot frozen to your face and your nostrils will freeze shut if you try to breath out of it. Your face burns as the wind hits what isn't covered and you try to bury the rest of your face inside your jacket, wishing you had your husbands Mad Bommer hat on, better yet had one of your own. And you pull the hat on your head down even lower on your head so you cover up more skin. Thankfully your leather clad mittens with a warm liner that are way too big for your hands because they are your husbands gloves are keeping you hands warm. Saving them from the biting cold as you lug water and throw hay and lug more fire wood to the house to keep it warm.
The horses have icicles of  frozen water on their whiskers from drinking the water you bring. They are hiding out in their barns close together, even with their blankets on. The cows are happily sleeping ad chewing their cud in their barn. The chickens don't want to come out of the coop. The sheep are even in their barn. Can't imagine with all their wool they are cold! I'd like to have that much wool on my whole body to be outside too! Too bad I din't have my son snap a picture of myself to show you how cute I look! bahahahaha
Yet you find yourself out there in this brutal cold feeding and tending the critters you love and care for 3 times a day to make sure they are as happy as possible in this weather. Then you come in the warm house crank up the fire place by opening the damper, and sit shivering on your frozen butt, literally, and tell all your blogger friend about how cold it is out there!!
Have a great day all!!


  1. On the Downeast Coast it was -2 this morning which isn't the worst I've ever seen but still darn chilly with the wind. We are now experiencing a heat wave as it is +2. Perhaps the lack of snow and real cold will kill off some of the insect pests that have moved north such as the Wooly Adelgid and Stink Bug. We might be lucky and have some ticks and fleas die too. Yes, caring for the animals is a challenge in this weather but it is also good for our inner selves, I think.

  2. Oh I feel for you! It was 60 here yesterday and it's supposed to be 70 Monday and Tuesday! The only down side of this warm weather is in the summer the grasshoppers are horrible!!!!
    Caring for animals in any and all weather conditions makes us like the mailman! Except mailmen get Sundays and holidays off LOL!!!

  3. Yikes! That is too cold! Had to smile at your description when you came back inside, and the nub discovery if you drop something on your foot. Brutal weather!

  4. That is just too durn cold! Love your descriptions, makes me feel like I'm right there with you but I'm SOOOO glad I'm not! Yep, we gotta tend to the critters no matter what the weather and you are a good caretaker for yours! :)

  5. We are in the cold snap too!! Brrrrr....

  6. Brrr. I think I'll stay in Georgia. You make me feel like a wuss for not wanting to go out to milk when it's in the mid 30's.