Friday, January 4, 2013

dark days challenge

SO here is another dark days challenge. I missed last week, and almost this week. I've been cooking with local stuff and all that, I just don't remember the pics!!! My husband always looks at me like I'm crazy whenever I get the camera to snap a pic of the food on my plate, or the table or wherever it happens to be strategically placed for it's photo shoot! I'm always surprised how many photos of food I take and again my husband asks what I'm doing. I just smile at him and say for the blog of course!! DO you find lots of pics on your camera of your food?! I do. Hence the rambling of this post.
So what did I make that was wonderful? Well it all depends on how you look at wonderful. I call it Hash. Breakfast for supper. What is it??
Home fries from local potato folks, bacon and or sausage from our pig, eggs from our chickens. All cooked up and throw one pan and served to my hungry family. The only seasoning I use is bacon fat to fry the potatoes, eggs and sausage in and some salt and pepper. SO you know it's all very healthy and good for you...
Here tis

Pardon me it's not the best food pic I've ever seen, but there it is. I usually cook everything separate, but in the same pan, then throw it in one and it's gone in no time!
There is another local meal on our table!!
Have a great day all!!


  1. That is one of my favorite combinations! And thank you for reminding me about the Dark Days Challenge - I am due to post. My problem is that I eat the food before I photograph it!

  2. Breakfast for dinner. One of our favorites! And its so gratifying to know its all your own produce!

  3. Yep, one of my favorite combos too! I'm like you and cook with local and homegrown quite a bit but forget to take the pictures! I'll have to work on that for this weekend...

  4. I can relate to all the food pictures on your camera ... mine get uploaded on my computer and some day I want to delete them all. Sounds like a yummy dish! I surprised myself with a dish I made that was so good; eggs, potatoes, kale and feta all in a skillet. It was so good.