Wednesday, January 16, 2013

busy week

So I've been busy this week. And it's only Wednesday!
The other day I was helping out a friend. And it was fun!
We had a day of 50 degree weather, so I took advantage of it and cleaned out the horse barn. I keep up with it, but there are days when it freezes in and I can't get it out. So I got it all out the other day. I do believe it's all ready to be cleaned again. We sure do get lots of manure around here! But I've learned to love it!! haha
I was going to post pics of the wonderful Chinese food I made the other night, but the picture plague that is now running rampant on blogger, I think I'll refrain. I'm gonna have to rethink think this picture thing. I want to post pics but with the limited amount that is allowed I'm gonna be more picky I guess. I will post pics from time to time, but maybe not as many per post.
 I did make egg rolls, they are my sisters recipe and they are amazing!!! I made crab rangoons, my favorite thing!! I made some baked and some I fried to see what one I liked better. They were easy to stuff and have seal. I used a tablespoon, like the recipe called for, but when they cooked they puffed up and they were not as full. But they were good. I liked the fried ones better. Surprise, surprise! I think I'd have to bake them longer to get them crispier, or paint some butter on them. I made sweet and sour chicken! Love! And fried rice! yum!! It was a hit with the family, so I'll be doing it all again, maybe next month!
It's snowing out today!! The kiddos are glad to have some more snow to play in since all the other snow melted. Not that it's going to amount to much...just enough to make a mess of everything.
Last week with all the warmer weather made me want to tap trees. It was sooooooo tempting to, but we knew that the colder weather was coming back and the sap wouldn't run, so we waited, and will wait until it warms back up again! Then I can tell you all about it, again! I just hope that this year is better then last year, and the sap runs longer!
So the rest of my week is filled up as well with life. It's amazing to look back at the calender and see everything that happened and how busy we were. Yes I'm one of those people who writes everything on the calender so it gets done! If not I'd miss Dr appointments, suppers, parties, birthdays, and, and, and...the list goes on!  SO what about you guys do you have daily planners, or write on your calenders, or do you have the most amazing memories that you don't need to write it down?!
Have a great day all!


  1. Sandy told me how to fix the pic problem. You go to the area where you post on the left is two buttons one says compose the other html. Click the html button, then click the button to add a photo, browse your computer and add your photo. It's kinda weird because your picture isnt on the page where your typing it's just a bunch of mumbo jumbo but when you preview it the picture is there. Try that, I hope it works for you too ☺
    It's so neat that you guys make your own syrup! Enjoy the snow!

  2. Oh you make your own maple syrup? I love that stuff! :)

    I've seen people posting about picture problems on Blogger, but have I just been lucky? Won't it let you post anything? I export my pictures from Picasa onto my user file on my computer, and them upload them individually as needed to my blog. They're also resized, and are smaller files this way. Would that help you perhaps? I'm not very computer literate, but it's just a thought...

  3. One day I was fine, could see w/o glasses, didn't creak when I got out of bed, remembered why I went into the other room, etc. Then, bam! it all seemed to go away the night I turned 40. I went to bed at 39 with abilities I had taken for granted. Now I think I'd forget to brush my hair if I didn't write it down.

  4. There is so much mud around the stable that I have just been putting the manure in a big pile in the dry and will get it over to the garden when things firm up a little. I guess you could say that my work is piling up!

  5. I write appointments and birthdays on the calendar, otherwise they are forgotten! ;)

  6. That Chinese feast sounds amazing! I love Chinese food!!! I give you a lot of credit, as I doubt I would go to all that work. But I would sure be knocking on your front door around dinner time! :)