Tuesday, March 1, 2016

last tuesday

Boy things can look different in a weeks time. Things go from everyday routine to calling 911! Now before you get too excited it was not a big deal. Not life or death. So why did I call them? Well let me tell you about last Tuesday.
We have hay stored in a barn down the road from our farm, we don't have a place for it here So when we need some we take the truck down and get some. We also have some round bales that we bought at a farm as well. Well, we were done chores and my husband sent our son down the road on the tractor to get the bale. It's a round bale and we get one on the truck and one on a spear on the tractor. That's very handy. Well off went our son down the road. My husband was warming up the truck because it was a cold morning. When he went to get in the truck we noticed that there was some smoke coming out of the hood. He thought that was odd. I was standing nearby with one of our daughters. We looked at each other and waited. My husband opened the hood of  the truck and there was more smoke coming out of it. And this truck just so happens to be a standard, so he went to move it, but when he stepped on the clutch it wasn't there. I just so happened to notice that there were then flames under the truck. I wondered for a second if I should get the hose, then hollered to my husband that there were flames under the truck!! He told me to go all 911, and proceeded to try to move the truck away from the house and our other vehicle. I called 911. Only the second time in my life calling, and the first time calling since I was married. For that I am very thankful. And thank you to all the 911 operators too out there! They were great.
So after the call was toned out I went back outside and the fire was out. A guy on the fire department who lives down the road came down to help and he is also a truck driver. He took a look under the truck and what he told us was the clutch line had a hole in it somewhere and when we pushed on the clutch it was hitting the muffler. Should be fixable. But we are waiting for the mechanic to come and look at it. It will need to be towed as well. Thankfully we have AAA. Thankfully he was home when this happened and not on the road. Thankfully it didn't get worse. Thankfully no one got hurt.
I ended up taking the van down the road to get our son, who was waiting on the tractor with the round bale of hay. He nodded and grinned when I told him what happened and then we started back down the road to home.
Oh ya, then that afternoon the computer crashed and we had to get another one!
Hopefully today goes better then last week!
Have a  great day ya'll


  1. Scary! But a good outcome. Glad nobody was hurt, and that things seem to be fixable. :) Today should be a great day!

  2. That is a little too much excitement! I'm so glad no one was hurt and I hope the repair is quick and not costly.