Thursday, March 10, 2016

cows and heifers oh my

 We decided to out Callie and Goldie with Suzie and Bulls Eye. We had been rotating the pasture time for them. Then decided that it was time to put them together. They had to play some push and shove to set down who was who in the pasture. Thankfully that never lasts to long and they settled down to eat. Suzie had to realize there was enough hay to go around for all and let the younger girls eat from the hay bin.

Suzie is getting better about sharing the hay with them. She is just pushing her weight around a bit, trying to be the boss of them I guess and throwing her size around, maybe. So far they all get along, and move when she tells them too. But here are Callie and Goldie, on the right side of the picture, getting some hay out of the hay bin.
Have I mentioned how thankful we are for that thing?! It's been wonderful. Our sweet hay, (sweet hay is wrapped hay. It's cut one day and baled and wrapped the next, so it's a little fermented, if you were wondering what that was. Up here we call it sweet hay).  The round bales are a 3x4, kinda an odd size, but that is what the guy has for a baler, one fits in the hay bin and they chow down on it.
Life is good.
 See?!  No snow. Warmer temperatures. Mild winter. I love it!
Have a great day ya'll!!

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