Wednesday, March 16, 2016

spring ahead

Well it's that time of year and has been for several weeks now. Oh to be out collecting the sap and bringing it home and boiling it down to that thick, sweet, sticky deliciousness called maple syrup. That is what we should be doing.
But this is sad news. We are not. For the first time since our son was just a little fellow and I was huge pregnant with our first daughter. I feel conflicted with this for lots of reasons. We have perfected the science of making maple syrup and we enjoy the time outside and the time doing it. My children are no longer little people, but big people that I love with all my heart and soul. I wonder from time to time as I look at them where my littles have gone. Sigh. Time passes and years go by in a blink of the eyes it seems. It also gets us outside in the sun and fresh air t take some of that cabin fever out of our system. It's also nice to work as a family at another thing we enjoy here on the farm.
But the reason we are not tapping trees is because our truck, remember the one that caught fire a few weeks ago, is still at the garage. It sat in the driveway waiting for the mechanic to come look at it, but didn't. Guess he forgot about us. So we had it towed to his place, and he had to order certain parts that have taken a long time to come in. And so that about sums that up. Now the season is all but over. That and the weather has been very mild, and if you know tapping trees you know it needs to freeze at night and be mild during the day.
We are moving ahead with our summer plans for the farm. As in getting ready for another growing season. We have ordered our broilers (meat chickens) for this summer. We are looking forward to that again.  We have contacted out customers from last year and have moved ahead with that.
 I am thinking about what I would like to have in my garden this year too! No, I haven't done seedlings. I don't have time or space for that at this time in my life. But my husband would like to build a green house! So I'll let you know if that happens. It would just be a small green house. But none the less. How cool is that?! Probably if you don't have one but want one it is cool. I'd like to try a few new things in my garden if there is space enough for it. And hopefully I don't get a hail storm to take it out again like last year...shudder.
Well I guess that's all for now. I've rambled on long enough. So I'll leave you with a parting shot.

Have a great day ya'll!!

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