Thursday, February 18, 2016

check out the view

We have some beautiful scenery here. This is Mt Katahdin.
Can you imagine looking at this view from your barn yard?! Or mowing hay and looking out and seeing this?  How gorgeous is that?!
This view is enjoyed by a farmer that we know. We went to see his farm and visit. My husband and I were just in awe of this view. I'm a little jealous of it. But don't think that I'm complaining about my view. I certainly enjoy mine.
There is something about the mountains that are just amazingly beautiful to me.Their rugged outlines and sometimes fierce weather.  Maybe it's because I live where I can see them, and my roots go deep here, in this place, and this land I call home. Maybe it's because I've lived somewhere where I've become spoiled to the beauty that surrounds my home and I am loath to leave it.
I certainly enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I find that I get caught up in the views I see and the real beauty that I live in and enjoy. I can stop and look out the window or walk out my front door and watch the sun go down. I can get up early in the morning and see the sunrise over the hill behind my house. I love how each day they are different and suck me in to watch as the sky is transformed by the hand of my Creator.  I never tire of it.
Stop and look at the beauty that surrounds you and drink it in!
Have a great day ya'll.

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