Wednesday, March 9, 2016

monday confessions...but on wednesday

Last month my husband went on a road trip to visit some dairy farms. Some Amish dairy farms in beautiful upstate New York. They are strictly grass fed farms. He went with some other Amish from some nearby communities and some English folks. Like us :) I stayed home with the farm and kiddos. I could have gone, but that meant that the kids had to do all the chores for 3 days. I felt unsettled about that, although they are perfectly capable. Our kiddos are amazing, just so you know!  And the night he left we were having a terrible rain, wind, sleet storm. I had no idea if we would loose power or not. That would not have been ok. So I stayed home, and was just as happy to too.  The reason for the road trip was to see how their barns were set up and get a better idea and design on what we wanted to build when the time arrives for us. So now we know really what we want.

We are working on our own dairy farm. We have 6 cows and 1 steer. For us that is amazing. We have slowly built on what we have, in literally every aspect of our married life, once we decided to really take a new road and grow/raise most of what we eat.  We would like to become certified Organic. All our farming practices are currently organic, just without the certification. We were at one time, but decided to let it go for a number of reasons.

But another reason for the road trip was to look at a round baler. We decided last year that instead of depending on others for their time and equipment to get our own. Would make life a little easier for us, and round bales are the way we want to go for the cows. Makes winter feeding easier too.  We also need a wrapper, but have yet to buy one. Well, we ended up buying the baler and got it home this week. It's a 4x4 Krone baler. So that's good news for us! Now we wait for warmer weather and haying season!
Have a great day ya'll!!

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