Friday, November 20, 2015


Well hello blogger world. Seems I post for a while then I don't for a long time. Life seems to be flying by me at a rapid pace. My weeks seem to jumble into a blurr of activity.

Thankfully our fall hasn't been too bad. The weather has been good, except for some cold snaps early on killing off all the beautiful fall foliage.  Still seems to be so much to do around the farm. I think that is the way of it though. There is always something to do! We have been getting ready for the winter. Making sure everything is "buttoned up!" Slowly but surely we are getting it done. Makes life interesting living on a farm and making sure everything is ready for snow. That and living in a New England state we are forever and always preparing for winter. From the critters, to the equipment, to the buildings! And making sure we have enough fire wood to last us through. Have no fear we are all set, just in case you were worried I might freeze ;)

Some of the work we have been up to is remodeling the horse barn.  We needed a place to keep some of the younger cattle we have. So, my husband being the amazing man that he is, remodeled it, and then put in electricity!!
SO here is the before picture. The inside of the horse barn, one side of it. Now keep in mind this part of the barn has been a hay storage,weaning stall, a stall for a cow through the winter, sheep barn, pig stall, and a birthing stall for a cow too. I think that sums it up.
 Here is the inside of the stall. Pardon the poo we've had a cow in there. I forget the size of it..see the little side door that has a board across it? That was for the sheep, and pigs to go in and out. All sealed off so no one will fall out.

 Here is to go into the barn. There are boards on the sides like a jail. My mare, Abby, is crabby and will bite anyone who is in the stall. So we blocked her from doing so.

Here is my honey cutting some lumber for the floor. See the wrapped hay? MmmHmm sweet hay for the cows. They love that stuff. The old wall for the stall was ripped out, a new floor laid down, 4 stanchions were built in. And...
Tada!! The finished product. Rubber mats, water buckets, and a place for 4 young cows. Well one of them is a steer that is a Jersey, Red Angus cross. He will be going in our freezer when he's old enough. Now about those 4 young cows. We have Suzie last years heifer, and the steer, we call him Bullseye. Now what of the other 2 stanchions that are'll have to come back to find out...

Have a great day ya'll! 

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