Saturday, November 21, 2015

makin sweet hay

It was late in the haying season when we were finally able to get the last of the hay done. We ended up having to hire getting some of it done. We don't have a round baler or a wrapper. Two things that we have talked about needing in the future. We've come to the conclusion that we will be feeding sweet hay to the cows. So we will be getting the equipment to do that. It's hard to depend on others, their schedules,  and the weather as well. But we are thankful that we were finally able to get it done.
The day that it was baled and wrapped started out to be a nice day. Thankfully. Nice and warm and partly sunny. Because, come to find out, to make the wrap stick to itself the temperature needs to be warm. I have never wrapped hay before so I had no idea. But it makes sense. So my husband and the guy who was baling the hay were out in the field. Another guy was at the house with me to load the bale onto the wrapper, I was the wrapper. He showed me how it was done, and then got in his tractor and loaded a bale. I ended up having one of the kiddos bring out some ear plugs for me. It was kinda loud. We had the kiddos stay in the house, because we didn't want the guy driving the tractor, or me, to worry about where they were while he was moving bales around the yard.

 Well, here I am. Unloading a bale from the wrapper. As you can see by the picture I have on some layers. The weather cooled off later in the day and we even got some sprinkles of rain ... I was afraid I was gonna get soaked! But I'm pleased to say we did not get any rain! Phew. And the temperature kept warm enough to keep the wrap to stick to itself. But just standing there not moving around a whole lot I got chilly.

Here is the guy and his tractor loading up some hay. Both tractors and wrapper are his.  He wasn't too worried about it if it rained...haha
Well needless to say we got the hay home and wrapped and it's here at our farm. The cows love it, and we are pleased with the outcome.
Oh have no fear a post about the empty stanchions is coming.  :)
Have a great weekend all!

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