Wednesday, November 25, 2015

handy man

I've said it many times. My husband is very handy, and I'm so thankful for it!  He built this...

 A hay feeder for the cows! Now we can put the hay in this and not have the cows poop, and sleep all through their hay.

Side view. He saw one like it for $2500. Then decided to build his own. We love it. And I think the cows do too!
We put up our winter fence this morning. It snowed last night, the 22, as you can see. Just a dusting. Our first snow of the winter. We made the fence so that we can open it up and scrape the manure off the gravel pad, to help keep where they eat drier. Seeing how cows poop where they eat. This was just another winter project we needed to get done.
Now that is done and we can breath a little easier. Feels good to know that the cows won't waste as much hay now that it's in the feeder!

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