Monday, February 15, 2016


Here is Belle. She loves to help with everything. Moving the cows are probably her favorite thing to do. That and eating peanut butter. :) We are working on keeping her from making them run. She gets a little excited and makes them move too fast. But she is learning, as are we in training a dog to herd. She has such a great instinct to herd. I'm amazed. She doesn't back down now in making them move either. She knows she is supposed to get them to go!

See. We have snow.

Belle is now 10 months old, and filled out nicely. She has a tremendous amount of energy and can run. And I mean run! That dog can  move. She almost becomes flat as she flies across the field to whatever suits her fancy. She can mp too. But I don't want her jumping too much or too high. It's not recommended they do such things until they are one. Due to their hips and the fact they are still growing.
Yup. I love this dog. I'm so proud of her.

Have a great day ya'll!


  1. What a beautiful dog! Sounds like the perfect fit for your farm and family.

  2. I understand that urge to herd. We have the two Aussies and it's pretty fun watching them put the cattle back in their places. lol. We are still learning too along with them, so sometimes it can get a little hectic.