Thursday, February 11, 2016


I'm still around. My computer died and we had to get another one. Then I get busy with life and forget to blog! Seems like everyday posts would be boring. So I don't tend to do that. Who wants to read the same blog post everyday?! Basically I do the same thing everyday. With exceptions of course! Then there are times when I do everything but the norm. So I'll give you a post about the farm.
But enough about that rattling along.

The other day we turned the heifers out. We decided to put them out alone. We weren't sure what they would do, and we didn't want anyone to get hurt. Well those two little buggers (Goldie and Callie) ran and ran right through the fence. Well that was fun! They decided that the fence was too hot after the second time of thinking they wanted to go through it. They learned their boundaries. They finally decided to settle down and eat some hay. But not before they goofed off in the hay I threw on the ground.
Here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

The other cattle are looking on with excitement at the heifers. The two kiddos in the pasture are my youngest two.

Callie. As you can see we didn't have any snow. Now we have some. Not a lot. But enough.

Kicking up their heels a bit!!

Finally eating some hay after feeling their oats!
Have a great day ya'll!!

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