Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Every other year we have Thanksgiving at our house. I love having it here! It's my favorite holiday too. It was just my family with one of my sisters and her son. Small and homey. Not that I don't love my in-laws, but there is something nice about being home and preparing mostly the whole meal myself. No, I don't even mind all the work and prepping I have to do to get it done either. I love to cook, and now my kids are older and they like to help out with the work too. And it's really not that much more then a regular meal at my house. Only a few more sides and extra desserts! LOL My family is big eaters. I start the prep work the day before. The desserts usually, and cooking the squash and potatoes. The turkey is usually a fresh one that is locally raised. So good!
And here is my drunken turkey!
I found a recipe for Champagne basted turkey. It sounded so good I had to make it. I've made it several times since whenever we have Thanksgiving at my house. And while the boys are out hunting I make myself a nice mimosa while I work on getting the rest of the meal ready.
My sister and her son showed up and we finished getting the meal ready and had some fun and giggles while we worked.

Here are the desserts . We had pecan pie, apple pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, and  homemade chocolate pudding. We had a late dessert after our Thanksgiving meal. Then the next morning the kiddos and I had leftover pie for breakfast!
We had such a nice day!

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