Tuesday, January 24, 2017

i don't think i've ever seen this before

So all day today it has been freezing raining out. It started sometime around 7:30ish maybe, and it has not stopped. It has started to become a little bit of rain, but I can still hear it on the windows.

This picture was this morning during morning chores. Literally getting pelted in the face with ice! Ouch! I covered as much of my face as I could. I warned the kids as they came out to do the same.

And now this was just this afternoon. Actual freezing rain accumulated. I don't think I've ever seen this before. I mean this much freezing rain. This is crazy!
Not to mention that when the plow truck came by he took out my trash and almost buried it under the pile of freezing rain as he went by! 
I filled up all the water buckets for the critters, filled some for the toilet, and some for drinking. Just in case with the colder weather and wind coming later tonight if we loose power.

And here it is in my hand. Freezing rain! Have you ever seen anything like this?!

Have a great day y'all!

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