Wednesday, January 11, 2017

chorse on ice

Coming to a farm near you is, farm chores on ice! The risks you take to feed and care for the critters you love. Slipping and sliding the whole way to and fro. Lugging water pails, or pushing some hay in a cart to feed them. Or turning them loose in the pasture, or not depending on how the ice looks in the pasture! Oh the stress and fun of the ice! Taking the risk of falling. All for the love of your farm.
Hardy har har.
How was that?! Too much drama, not enough?

Our driveway was a skating rink...

But thankfully the morning after the freezing rain it was a beautiful day, after the sun burned off all the clouds. It was 40 degrees out! Super nice here!

I thought this was cool. Ice covering the hay.

Some hay and the pitch fork I left outside. Got my mittens wet after feeding the horses.

It's not all work here though! Couple kiddos sliding down the neighbors driveway of ice! Hope they didn't have plans to leave. It was all ice downhill! The dog is up there too!

After the sun came out. I just think it's pretty. Snow covered trees or ice covered trees. Weird I know, but it is pretty. They seem to shimmer and twinkle in the sunlight!

Have a great day y'all!!

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