Wednesday, December 16, 2015

whats cooking in my kichen

You know how you see those short little cooking videos you see on face book? Like when your scrolling down the page and you see the 30 second video? Yes? Yes. OK. So I was scrolling down my face book page the other day and I saw one of those short little clips. My sister had posted it actually. You know the one I always cook with. Anyways I clicked on it because she had captioned the top something along the lines of maybe we needed a winter fry daddy day. That caught my attention.
Now just what is a fry daddy day, you ask?! Well it's exactly what it sounds like. My family gets together at my parents and we bring our fry daddy's and oil. We do this on a nice day outside so my Mom's house doesn't smell like grease. Then we proceed to fry whatever we so desire. Any thing. We fry the regular things like chicken, fries, onion rings, dough boys, Oreo's, pickles. Then we move on to some fun stuff. Cream Horns. Oh my. those are amazing! Butter! Yes you read that correctly!! Butter. Now it's not a stick of butter. No. We cut up small chunks of it and freeze it. Then we dip it in the batter. The batter is along the same line as what you would fry an Oreo in. Well the butter melts, and the dough crisp up and it's like eating a really buttery dough boy from the inside out! Go ahead. Try one! Live on the wild side! LOL Homemade egg rolls, which are really more like the vegetarian spring rolls full of fresh veggies. They are really good. And candy bars, although those are not my favorite. And whatever else we can think of that would be good fried.

Anyways moving along here, before I clog up the ole arteries any more..
I was too impatient to wait for another fry daddy day, so I made it myself!
The video my sister posted was a left over turkey egg roll. It had stuffing, turkey and potato in it. Equal amounts of each. Wrapped in the egg roll.

By the time I thought to take the picture the second batch of mixture was almost gone! But here it is! Can't really see the potato, but it's there.

Now here it is all wrapped up in the egg roll. Waiting to be fried.

Oh yum! All fried. And now for the dipping sauce. It's cranberry sauce, sugar, and Apple Cider Vinegar. Mixed and cooked down on the stove.

Tada!!! It was really good too. I would make a couple changes. I would add more stuffing to the mix to give it more flavor, and maybe some spices to the turkey. Then the sauce I wouldn't put as much vinegar. But other then that. Yum. If your into frying food then give this a try.

Mixture 1 C Turkey, stuffing, and potato. Mix and fill egg rolls. Fry in hot oil till crispy brown.

Sauce 1 C cranberry sauce, 1/3 C apple cider vinegar, 1/2 C sugar. Mix in sauce pan and cook on low for a while to dissolve sugar. Set aside and cool.
Put the two together and there you have it.

Have a great day ya'll!!

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