Saturday, December 26, 2015

a muffin dilemma

OK. So I didn't get any pictures of the chocolates  that we made the other day. But! I will tell you we made Needhams, gotta have those, peanut butter balls oh yum, Oreo balls oh my, and pretzel candy cane kisses that is what I will call them. I didn't make as many as I have in the past, I didn't make my Reese's squares either. And I hate chocolate covered cherries. Yuck. So much for that. We did have a good time making chocolates and then eating them. I didn't even make egg nog or chex party mix. Much to my shame. LOL. Just kidding. I'll make them on another day. Ahem. I hope to.
My week before Christmas was a blurrrr of activities and getting stuff done, and even last minute shopping. I will say that Christmas day was so great! We took our time, did chores and then went about our day visiting family! It was no stress to rush and well, just an enjoyable day. I hope ya'll had a great day too.
But on to the baking that I did today actually. I got a new muffin tin! I must confess, I love muffins. Fresh and piping hot from the oven with butter melted on top,  as do my family members. Blueberry tends to be my favorite. They are big eaters. And to bake and cook takes a lot of my time. Good thing I love to cook. Although I do have those days (few and far between) where all I see in the cupboards and fridge are ingredients to made into something! Ever feel that way?!
But onto the muffin tin. I have a stoneware pan that I just adore, except when I have to wash the thing....when I forget the paper muffins holders, ...but it only makes 12~
What is wrong with that you ask?! Well it's only 12 and that means I need to make a second batch to feed the hungry family, if I'm only making muffins for breakfast. That means that is only 2 muffins each. Not nearly enough to feed the brood. So when I opened up my gift from my sister and saw a 24 hole muffin tin I was excited and couldn't wait to make muffins. I feel like I've used the word muffin 100 times already.
So today I actually had time to bake. Since I don't really feel like doing too much house work today, baking sounded like more fun.
So I made...

Blueberry muffins for breakfast! Oh yum. There they are! All 24 of them. 20 minutes and I had a double batch of standard size muffins! Rather then taking 40 minutes to get breakfast cooked and done with, it only takes 20!  I told my husband I was getting efficient!

Then I made 24 banana muffins. I'll freeze these for a breakfast later next week probably. Banana are probably my second favorite in the house.

So there you have it. My muffin dilemma solved.

Have a great day ya'll!!

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