Friday, December 18, 2015

the blade

Well since putting in the hay bin for the cows, we have come to realize how much they poop in the same spot where they eat. I mean we knew they did, but three cows eating and pooping in the same spot while they happily munch on hay, makes for a lot of manure in one spot! Since they are in the area near the barn it needs to be cleaned out. Regularly. Like a free stall it's wet and soupy. We also realized we don't want a free stall. So my husband has been using the bucket of the tractor to clean out the manure. We don't have  cement pad in front of the barn, only a gravel pad the bucket has been digging up the gravel every time my husband scrapes it down. Or all the manure doesn't get scraped up because we need that gravel there.  And that is just a mess. Gravel isn't cheap, and it's not being delivered any more until spring time. So what to do? We've made the bucket work but we started to look around for a blade. Meanwhile I had no idea what he was talking about when he said we needed a blade. So he told me it was something that would scrape down an area and do just what it was made to do. And showed me a picture. Oh. Now I know.
 They had some at a supply store, but the quality wasn't what we were looking for. We tried the tractor store where we have bought equipment, and they didn't have any in. So online we went. He found some of the brand he was looking for. Woods is the brand he wanted. They have a good reputation and hold up.
Well he found one. About 21/2 hours away from where we live! That's a haul. So the other day, off he went to get it. I was unable to go due to a previous engagement.
Well when I got home that night he had hitched it onto the tractor, with the help from our son and used it! What a fabulous thing the blade is! Yay!

Here it is. 7 feet long! Scrapping the poop time!

Liquid manure. Before.  About 4 inches worth. Plus we've had rain. So that only adds to it...

My handsome hubby :)Ya, I think his tractors sexy ;)

Well here it is. Mmmm hope your not eating breakfast with a weak stomach ;) Haha But really this is wonderful. It's scraping the gravel pad clean and not digging it up! All the manure is being pushed away!
Here is a picture from the next morning after scraping. The girls slept in the barn due to the bad weather...See we have some snow. Yuck. I've been enjoining the mild winter and no snow to be honest. The girls are out and standing on a cleared gravel pad. Eating their hay!

 Here is another picture. Happy cows. Happy life.

Have a great day ya'll!

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