Monday, June 1, 2015

newest addition... on monday confessions

And here you were thinking I was going to tell you about a new calf being born. Nope. We are still waiting on Daffy to have hers. She is about 12 days or so late. But more on her another day.

The truth of the matter is living on a farm is there is an ugly side to it as well. It's not all sunshine and roses. Here on my blog I can pick and choose what I want to share. So today I thought I would share some ugly truth.
 It was about 6pm and there was a commotion outside. Well it was the hens and then we saw the fox.  Some ran outside and I went running to get our .22. by the time I got back outside the fox had left. He had pulled her feathers out and bit her leg. She was OK other that. She is still fine. That got us to thinking. We have not had any such critters come visit the farm. Other then the skunks. We borrowed my BIL Jack Russel dog for a couple weeks to get his scent around. In all our thinking we decided it was time for a farm dog. We had put off getting a dog due to lots of reasons. But the time was now. A friend of ours had some puppies.  How convenient. Australian Shepard pups. Farm and family raised, that were almost ready to leave the litter. We went out to see them. And we had chatted with him about what we were looking for in a pup. He had 3 pups that he thought would be a good match for us. On my! puppies!! They are so cute! All of em! We decided 2 of them were what we liked, and had to decide what one was going to be just right. We had another week before it was old enough to come home. So we decided to think and pray about what one. One was a male and the other female. Well on our way home we got a call...
Our neighbor called and told us something had gotten into our broilers in the pasture...
Yup. We got home and sure enough there was a pile of dead chickens in the chicken tractor. They all had the same bite makes. All were counted for.  About 20 in all. We picked them out of the tractor and put them in a bucket to dispose of them. The culprit had gotten into the back of the cab in the window part. We knew this was not the fox. A fox would have taken them to eat, not leave them in a pile. A joy killing. We figured out what had killed them and we moved on. And I'll leave it at that. But with this happening we put up a double hot wired fence around the chicken tractors and decided for sure we were getting the pup.
So meet our new addition.
Belle. :)  Isn't she just the sweetest!! Her farm work training has begun! We just love her.

Have a great day ya'll!!


  1. Oh how adorable!!! She will make a fantastic addition to your farm and family :)

  2. We couldn't decide on just one Aussie, so we ended up getting two!!!! I just love them!