Thursday, June 4, 2015

belle in training

I thought I would share some of Belle's training. I'm new to training a herding dog, so if you have some kind, helpful tips I'd be glad to get them.
We were told to get her on a routine, and take her out to do chores to get used to the critters and how things run around the farm. So we have been doing just that. I try to keep her lessons not too long because she is only 9 weeks old now.
So here we go!

 Belle and I are heading out to the cow pasture to round up the stubborn cows that didn't want to come in the barn. Time to milk the cow! Yes we are only milking 1 cow at the time. We are waiting on the other to calve. We have a small herd. But none the less a herd!  (My husband is around too! I say I sometimes, but mean we)

 Walking up the cow lane. Belle looks back to be sure I am coming too. She would run ahead then look back and wait for me.
 She's working so hard here. ;) She's in my arms when we get close to the cows. She's too little and she doesn't 100% come when called, and I don't want her getting trampled.  But she is right into it and watches the cows.

 Another shot of her in my arms. See her ears and face is all about the cows! While walking the cows down to the cow lane.  Not too bad for being a lefty and taking the shot with my right hand!

And here we are at the barn. Belle is sitting with me keeping the cows from going back up the lane! She did a good job!! I think she will be a great herding dog and a huge help on the farm. I'm not bias at all ;)
Have a great night ya'll!


  1. So super cute! I think you're doing the right thing showing her the chores of the farm, and meeting all the critters. I think she will quickly pick up the intentions of what the chore is ( moving the cows, feeding the chickens etc ). Smart girl!

  2. We are taking our Aussie pups with us when we do chores too. They are getting better at NOT chasing the cats. lol