Monday, June 29, 2015


So we made some hay last was looking like really nice hay too. We got to use our new/used tractor we bought this winter. A bigger one. And the new/used pin wheel rake. I got to use the pin wheel rake. My first time using it too! I am new to haying. Well, the actual driving the tractor and the doing of the haying! I love it. I get Allis, that is what we call the 40HP 6140 tractor. We name our stuff. ha ha.

See. Me on the tractor! No that is not our house. It's the guys who fields we hay's house. Read that twice real fast. I asked my husband who was coming behind me baling how the win rows were, if I did a good job keeping them straight. He said I did just fine. I was glad of that. I quickly realized to make real small corrections when moving a win row on a tractor to keep the rows straight.

 Haying together! See my boy sitting on a bale of hay? He can't wait for him to be big enough to drive the tractors!!  Having a second tractor is a real great thing. Saves time. Even though we had some break downs of equipment and then Friday afternoon it got poured on...and we are feeding this hay out first and have it real loosely stacked in the barn...we had a good day. Such is the life of farmers. Forever at the mercy of the weather. The weather wasn't calling for rain until Saturday night. Guess they were off a few hours.

My handsome hubby! 
Belle was hot and tired. Her first time haying. She had to be on a leash so she wouldn't get hit with all the equipment. She's still learning the trade of farming! She's 12 weeks old now!

We are still in need of hay for the winter for all the critters and the horses now. But we will get there with hard work and one bale at a time. We pray for our own land and fair weather!
Have a great day ya'll

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  1. Wooo! Look at you on your tractor! How fun to be able to hay together as a family! I bet it goes so much faster to rake and then have the bailer coming up behind.