Wednesday, April 10, 2013

random things I've been up to...

Well believe it or not I'm not really doing all that much farming, yet. Just daily chores. Not a whole lot going on.
Cleaned out the chicken coop and put some fresh hay in the nesting boxes. Thats always a fun chore...ah the glamorous lifestyle I live!
Sap season is over for us, and I can't complain we had a good year and sold lots.
 We are trying to get things ready for some broilers and new laying hens. Just gotta get some things done before we can get them. Our laying hens are pretty much spent. And I'm looking forward to having some broilers in the freezer this year!
Maggie is doing well. Getting wider, and is her usual cranky self. We had Dandie AI'd the other day. Now we pray she settles and stays bred...we shall see.
I got to hang some clothes on the line the other day, it was beautiful. The next two days it rained and was cold, so I had the fire going. Now they are calling for snow! Fantastic (insert sarcasm) just what I don't want more of.
I've been working on a baby blanket, and keep messing up the pattern, so I'm going to pick a new one..I hope to get it done before she has the baby...
Home school is winding down. Still have some more to go, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Been trying out some new recipes! That's always fun.
I bought some new cowboy boots, but then sold them to my sister because they were too big for me. Now I need to go get some more! Guess I'll try a little harder to find some that fit me this time!!
Well my kiddos are hungry, so I guess I better go feed 'em!
Have a great day all!


  1. Sounds as if we have been doing "daily chores" together! But I feel good about some housework finished and errands ran and yes, our weather here is to be bad Thurs. and cooler for the weekend! Going from winter to summer, back to winter! Where is the SPRING? I chuckled when I saw you bought cowboy(girl) did I!!!!! (but mine fit)LOL! Blessings~~~have a wonderful week! Roxie

  2. It's fun reading what everyone else has been up to, even the everyday stuff! :)