Monday, April 22, 2013

monday confessions

Another week has come and gone.
 I think we had one warm day. I went to my moms and sat in the swing in the sunshine ALL day. It was wonderful. I didn't DO anything. No wait, I helped my sister make biscuits. Started out as a humdinger of a day too. Took my husband to work, he's helping to remodel a house, outta town, then was gonna swing by the store to get the kiddos and I a quick breakfast because we had to get up and go. Course if I had my act together I would have had something on hand... but didn't. Get to the store and realized I left my purse at home. Fantastic. No breakfast and nothing to take to my moms to help out with lunch. My sisters, and aunt with her grand kids were coming too. A pot luck kinda thing. So I went empty handed and mom fed us some breakfast. Thank goodness for Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls that freeze and reheat well!!! Thanks mom for feeding us. Gosh.
Well my mom loves pinterest, and she found a recipe for homemade bubbles! What kid doesn't love to blow bubbles. Well my aunt and her son made some huge bubble sticks with bamboo sticks and rope. They were amazing!!! No pics because I forgot my camera too. But the bubbles were huge!! Had fun. Managed to burn half of my face in the sun too. Looked like a total freak, I had on sun glasses, and I have side bangs, are you getting a visual now? So cute. hahaha, then it peels and hurts and ugh it looks even worse with peeling. I didn't want to show my face in public either. But now it's OK...
The weather still has that winter air chill to it. It looks nice but you step outside and the wind or air hits you. Burrrrr cold. Have had ice on the water buckets in the morning too. And the cold stays all day. We are finally getting some green grass and the buds are starting to think about coming out. Just seems like it's real slow to spring this spring. Winter just won't go.
The hens have been out in the gardens spreading the manure we put on it. I like to watch them out there scratching and picking. They seem real happy out there. I'm glad they are doing the work of spreading the poo and eating bugs!
I need to get out and check on my garlic! I hope it's coming up! I was excited last fall to actually plant some.
I have some cooing posts I'll try to get on here and share!
Gotta get lunch for the kiddos.
Have a great day all!

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  1. Some mornings it's all we can do to get out the door with our shoes on! Never mind having your purse and camera! You be careful with that sunburn - I always forget in the beginning, but remember to put sunblock on. Didn't know you had another mother, did you? :)