Monday, April 15, 2013

monday confessions

Having a humdinger of a Monday morning. So that inspired me to blog about some life that has happened of late! Feel free to laugh too.

I made a pumpkin pie a while back. I bought the canned pumpkin at the store, and when I went to make the pie it was the mix kind. Oops grabbed the wrong can. But my baby wanted pumpkin pie and I was gonna make it for her. As I was making the pie I was in the middle of home school too. The kiddos were at the table working and I was at the counter. Well to say the least I do get distracted at times with the questions. I popped the pie in the oven and cooked it. That night  I found myself alone for some odd reason. I don't know where my husband was and I think the kiddos were in bed or at a sleepover. We never had pie. I cut a nice big piece and took a bite, as I walked to the fridge to get the whipping cream. I gagged and spit it in the fridge. There was no sweetness to it at all. After rinsing out my mouth I dug the can out of the recycling, yes I recycle, and looked at the can. What I found was no sugar gets added to the can. It's a can of sweetened condensed milk. Oops. Well lesson learned and the chickens had pie for part of their breakfast!

I've taken a week off from working out. Which really stinks. My knee has been bothering me, so I decided to give it a rest. Feels better now. Not that I'm one to complain about pain, I just deal with it. I'm going somewhere with this, so hang on. And while I was taking it easy on my knee I managed to slam my left hand in the car door. It was instant nausea for me. I laid my head on the steering wheel and groaned. My kiddos in the car asked what was wrong. I managed to squeak out a "I slammed my hand in the door. I'm ok." Now I have no idea how I managed to do this. Other then I'm awesome. (hardy har har har) My seat belt was in the door and I went to grab it is all I can remember. I looked at my hand it was my middle finger and index finger that received the blunt force of it was already black and blue. Fantastic I thought. I kept it in my lap and drove home with my right hand. I couldn't hang on to the wheel with my left. Not a huge big deal right?! Once I was home the kiddos and I brought in the groceries. My husband got home a few minutes after we did. I was starting to cook a late supper, but I couldn't open the can of kidney beans (I was making chili) I couldn't smoosh up the hamburg. I'm a lefty. I'm right hand stupid. No really. OK, go ahead and laugh. I'll wait...
I had my husband open the can and my oldest daughter finish cooking. The swelling in my left knuckle down at the base of my left had started on the ride home. I couldn't make a fist. Fantastic. I was really hoping I didn't break the bone. I decided to see how it felt in the morning.
 Morning came, and it was still discolored and swollen. I showed my husband and told him what happened. He suggested I go get it checked out. I don't have time to sit in the ER all day. I have things to do. I think to myself. I shrug if off and head down to the bathroom. I was determined to bend my hand and not go to the ER. It hurt, but I managed to bend my hand and make a fist. It hurt but I was feeling triumphant! No trip to the ER. It's not broken!!! I showed my husband and he agreed it wasn't broken because I'd never be able to make a fist it it was. Phew. I put ice on it. It's still a little sore, but I didn't have to get an x-ray and waste a day in the ER to have them tell me something I already knew!
Morel of the post?
Keep your hands outta the doors folks!!
Have a great day all!!


  1. Good lord! You are a tough tootsie, all right. Glad you didn't break the fingers or hand, though. That would have made for a long, frustrating spring. And your pie? At least you didn't burn it (as I would have done), and I bet your chickens loved it. That's the nice thing about farming/homesteading. Nothing goes to waste. Now, watch that hand!

  2. OWWWW! Sorry about your hand but glad nothing was broken!
    Your pie story was funny, haven't we all done something like that? ;)