Friday, December 30, 2016


I'll actually post something that happened today. Well actually yesterday into today. Today was the clean up. We got a snow storm. Some call it a blizzard. Some call it a Nor' Easter. Guess it depends on where you live. We got about 8-10 inches of snow, and some freezing rain and some rain and some more snow. Heavy wet snow. And wind! Yikes. We always get wind up here on the hill. My neighbors house looked like it was covered with frosting and was a gingerbread house! So fun!

Here is my road. Before the sun hit the trees. I do like snow covered trees. Someday I want to be riding my horse down a trail  with snow covered trees and get a picture. Or in a one horse sleigh. It sounds like fun!!

And here is the road after the sun came out and warmed up our snow covered home. Such a mild nice day. The kiddos went riding on the snowmobile, and we cleaned out the cow barns! LOL not the most exciting kinda day. But productive non the less!

Me and a couple of my girls. A sunny outside selfie before mucking stalls!
Enjoy the day y'all!

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