Friday, December 30, 2016

candy making with the kiddos

The girls and I made Christmas chocolates! All the while snacking on  the chex mix the boy and I made the day before.
We made, Reese's Squares, Buckeyes, Needhams, and Cookie Dough Balls.

No fudge. I have yet to master that. Every time I make it it comes out dry and crumbles and the flavor is off. I've followed the directions on multiple different recipes to the letter, and, nope. Never get it right.  So.....maybe someday I'll try again. Until then I'll enjoy others fudge!
I really enjoy making chocolates with my kiddos. It makes me think of my grandmother. The recipes I use I got from her. And it's fun bonding with the kids while we work, and listen to Christmas music, and then mix it up to country.
Have a great day y'all

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